Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Little Corner of the World...Expanded...

Corazon Build 2012
Tecate, Mexico
Just across the border from Tecate, California

Mammoth Lakes Rotarians, Mammoth High School Interact club,  and friends...

...headed to El Cajon Friday... join Corazon...

...for a Super Build... Tecate, Mexico...

...Rotary District 5300 also participated...building two other houses...
(Mammoth Rotary built one house themselves...and in record time!!!)

...Corazon provides assistance and education to indigent families
in Tecate, Mexico...the families are expected to commit to a program of 
self and community development that includes insuring that their children 
go to school, the adults get job training as well as learning about 
domestic violence and child abuse, and community responsibility... return, they receive credits that can be applied to goods and services,
or a new home, with a lock and key...

...Volunteers end their day with the satisfaction of hard work, 
and having provided a family with their new first home...

For more participants in Our World here!!!


  1. What a great program and the Mammoth Rotary are a super group of people. They can be proud of their hard work and for helping families have a new home. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have such great respect for organisations that just get things done.


    Stewart M - Australia

  3. What a wonderful project!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Wonderful--and wonderful photos of the build, especially the ones of lifting together.

  5. That is awesome! Kudoes to all of you...and I am proud to call you my friends!

  6. This kind of project is awesome! I believe if two or more gather to help everything would be easy.^_^

    Kim, MI

    Inviting you to join Water World Wednesday

  7. I think you guys are just great.

  8. Thank you eileeninmd!!! Mammoth Rotary is a great group of people!!! And is a wonderful organization that has grown and changed since it's inception over 30 years ago...these families work hard for the privilege of earning their new home...

    Thanks Kate!!!

    Rotary International is a wonderful international organization Stewart! Corazon is a California organization specifically to help in Mexico, similar to what Habitat for Humanity does in many parts of the world.

    Thanks was!!!

    Thank you Jean!

    Thanks Kathryn!!!

    You're absolutely right Kim!

  9. You guys are just awesome. I remember the last time you did this. I was equally impressed.

  10. Thanks Sandy and Margaret!!! This was TheChief's and my 5th time to participate in this project, Margaret...TheChief loves it so much he got the excitement going in Mammoth too...with record results!!! (And commitments for next year!)

  11. What a great project! Cheers to the volunteers!

  12. I think you and your own personal Rotarian are the best.

  13. Thanks Stardust!!!

    You'd love the Corazon weekend Petrea!!! Maybe you and John should join us next year!!!