Saturday, May 26, 2012

It was a grey day... Yosemite and Mono Lake...

...but with a vibrant group of new friends!!!

...our Rotary International Group Studies Exchange group... 

Omar, Astrid, Jessica, Crystal, Will
from VeraCruz, Mexico!!!

These 5 lovely young professionals came to Mammoth on Wednesday
as part of the Rotary Group Studies Exchange program.  While here
they visited professional settings similar to their own, and of course,
we showed them a good time with dinner parties, shopping, walking around
Horseshoe lake, and our trip to Yosemite and Mono Lake.  They've
been a great group to have visit and we're sorry to see them go so soon...
Here's to our special new friends having a fabulous rest of their trip!!!


  1. That must have been an interesting surprise! I haven't been there in along time and I'm thinking it's time to go again!

  2. Great view! Have a nice weekend!

  3. we didn't get to Yosemite on our trip, will have to do it next time, love your first shot, very Ansel Adams

  4. The top shot is a corker Kathy.

  5. You'll just have to make your way up here soon Pat!!!

    Thanks Robert!

    When you come to Yosemite...let me know!!! I'll head on over to visit!!! (provided the Tioga pass is open! We were worried about making it back to Mammoth yesterday as it started snowing!!!)

    Thanks Dragonstar!!!

    Thanks Wayne!!!

    Thanks Hans!!! The mountains were really beautiful with the clouds hanging around and filtering the sunlight!!!

  6. What a lovely bunch of people.

    And what a great view!

  7. LadyFi...They were great fun to host for these past few days! They're on a month's tour and will be visiting quite a few other towns here in California. It's a great way to make friends from all over the world!!!

    And you can't take a bad pic in Yosemite...even on a grey day!!!

  8. Darn! I keep thinking my top shot is from Yosemite!!! It's actually the mountains overlooking Mono Lake!!!
    The group pic is from Yosemite though!!!

  9. your mountains is great even in BW shots. :)

  10. where in Yosimitee is that rock face behind your friends? I think I see water tucked into the lower left hand corner

  11. Thank you NatureFootstep!

    It's the south end of Tenaya Lake...I think it was a little day camping area...

  12. Looks like everyone had a good time. I guess you did have a lot to show off. So much natural beauty and all.c

  13. Margaret...It was a lovely time...even though we had to race the storm to get back over the Tioga pass before the snow got too deep!!'s been snowing up here since Friday!!!

  14. Fantastic soft light, underlines the atmosphere. Wonderful landscape. Well done! Wish you a fine day :)

  15. beautiful lovely to meet new friends.

  16. Thank you Laura! It's been a lovely week!

  17. That first shot is a little slice of heaven! Move over, Ansel!

    Your portrait of the Rotarians is delightful -- what a great group!