Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Training...this time at Panum Crater!!!

Panum Crater is the youngest mountain in the Eastern Sierras...
and's a it's a volcanoe!!!
It's off the road on the way to the South Tufa's of Mono Lake...
there's a sign, but you might need your glasses to find it!!! 
Look on the left, it's about the third dirt road off of Hwy 120...

Looking across 395 to the mountains in the West, you can see a line
just above the base of the mountain...
This is the LADWP aquaduct...AND...the level of the lake
about 13,000 years ago after the second glacial period here!!!

You can't go up in a crater and not find obsidian and pumice!!!
Lot's of interesting rock formations in the "dome"!

My head hurts from all the knowledge I'm pounding into it these days!!!
Or maybe it's the sun???


  1. What an interesting hiking day, wish to be there. Well done and take care!

  2. Keep the virtual tours coming. (By the way, that is one stunning profile picture you've got there.)

  3. Wonderful shots of the stones and the view.

    I wonder if you know that you have word verification turned on?

  4. It WAS interesting Valladolid! And another day of training today!!!

    Thanks Hiker! Another day of training today!!! My new profile pic is actually a couple of years old! And I fussed with it to tone down the colors and bring out the background! And I don't remember who took it!!!

    Thanks LadyFi!!! I was seeing more and more spam on various people's blogs, and a friend couldn't comment the way I had it set without word verification so I turned it back on. I may eliminate it again and just do the screening's a pain, but it doesn't really bother me on other people's blogs...

  5. You'll have a sunburned head full of knowledge!

  6. No sunburn on my head Bibi!!! I bought a hat at the Ahwahnee Hotel that promises to filter out the bad far so good!!! But since we moved up here, my heat tolerance is worse than ever!!!

  7. Thanks for the lessons - I'm loving getting to share all that you're learning!

  8. Wow, you are surrounded by glory, my friend!

  9. Glad you're enjoying the lessons Adele!!

    Yep...unbounded glory up here Petrea!!!