Thursday, May 24, 2012

What did you do today???

Today was my first day of training as a Mono Lake volunteer...

Did you know that 80% of all California Gulls make their way to Mono Lake
to nest and bear their young???

And this is a red winged black bird...

I'm not much of a birder...but I'm learning!!!

Also, today was the day our Rotary Group Study Exchange team 
arrived in Mammoth!
We have the pleasure of hosting Astrid, a lovely young 
woman from VeraCruz, Mexico.  They'll be here in Mammoth 
until Saturday...plenty more time for pics and sharing!!!


  1. Will you be something like a park ranger?

  2. I think Mono Lake is fascinating...if you're still there when I pass by again, you can show me around!

  3. I think she'll look good in her Smokey the Bear hat, Hiker.

  4. The rock sculpture looks like a woman in profile. Maybe?

  5. I'll be a docent like you at the Huntington, Hiker!!!

    Absolutely Bibi!!!

    Ahhhh shucks DB!!!

    I was thinking more like a St Bernard profile Margaret!!!

  6. You had a busy day! You'll make a fantastic docent. I'll tell my friends to ask for you.

  7. Have them shoot me an email when they're coming up and I'll try to be there for them!!!

  8. it is a strange and marvelous place