Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Little Corner of the World...

Our little corner of the world, this past weekend, was filled with fabulous music...
definitely some beer...

It was the annual Mammoth Blues & Brews Fest
better known as
Brought to us by Sean and Joyce Turner and their
Mammoth Brewing Company...
better known as "beer with altitude"!!!

Bluesapalooza began on Thursday with a
few bands, free entry, beer with altitude, 
and some great food....
Friday night the official event began with a rock and roll
style of blues, including such greats as 
Edgar and Johnny Winter...

On Saturday, the Mammoth Brewing Company
hosted a brew tasting day with lot's of great blues...
and lot's of great beer!!!

(I waited til after the beer tasting and went that night for the big bands...
TheChief hung out (in uniform!) to make sure 
the beer tasting stayed under control!)

Saturday night and Sunday we were treated to a great 
selection of blues bands...

My favorites were Betty Lavette on Saturday night...

The great Leon Russel on Sunday...

and Joe Louis Walker on Sunday afternoon...

From Thursday night through Sunday afternoon
the audience was wild...

From Rockin' Babies...

To Bootie Shakin' Granmas!!!

(myself included...and a few gramps too!!!)

This was my world this past weekend...
how about you???


  1. What a wonderful event- looks fun and lovely to see such a diverse crowd. My weekend was good thx- at the London Olympics!

  2. I definitely need to hang out with YOU!!!

  3. If beer and blues weren't enough then it was the booty shaking granmas that really made me laugh. Hah hah! Funny post.

  4. The rebirth of the micro breweries around the world really is something to celebrate!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Fun post ~ We are having one here this Sat ~ great photos ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Great shots, Kathy. Belgrade is having a beer fest soon, but I won't go. Like beer, but not the crowds!

  7. Oh you lucky girl Chrissy!!! I'll bet London is electric with excitement!!!

    Anytime Laurie!! Bluesapalooza comes around the beginning of every August up here!!! (and kids are welcome!)

    Thanks Cloudbusting2!!! There were a lot of us!!!

    Thanks Gary!!! A little different than the usual wilderness shots, eh?!!!

    Thanks Carol!!! Hope yours is as fun as ours was!!!

    Thanks Bibi!!! I'm not big on beer, or crowds...but I love the Blues!!! It was worth it!!!

  8. What a great festival and fun! Now, what is the date? I need to write that down!

    It does remind me a bit of New Orleans' Jazz Fest in the old days.


  9. It's generally the first weekend in August Genie!!! If you like blues and/or beer...this is a fun event!!

  10. Fun times indeed and thanks for sharing. Have a great day!


  11. What fun! Any event containing a "palooza" almost guarantees a good time!

  12. Heh, heh!!! I think you're right Adele!!! and it was a palooza!!!

  13. Now if Emmy Lou Harris showed up, I'd be there too.

    I've been to Mule Days, back when I was around 21. But the event that might be really interesting is the film fest in Big Pine (I think it's BP). My BFF out Benton way, goes there to hear the cowboy poets. She took some courses in photography and liked it. Unfortunately, her internet access isn't that great. I would love to see her start a Blog for the Bishop area.

  14. I've not made it to Mule Days yet PA...TheChief isn't particularly interested...I'd love to do the Lone Pine Film Festival...That one is definitely up my alley!!!