Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still Breathing...

Actually...I had a medical procedure last week and am still 
recovering...nothing serious....
I should be back online in a week or so...

In the meantime...we're heading for our special place in Sequoia...
for a family and friends get together...
and lot's of rest for me!!!

(And given that it's about 2000 feet lower than where we are in Mammoth...
easier breathing!!!)


  1. Not sure where in Sequoia, but wherever it is, it's sure to get you well rested and back to yourself. I hope your procedure went well, and that you have a great, restorative, rest.

  2. Yes. Here is to a speedy recovery. Glad all is well.

  3. I'll send healing thoughts. I don't know if they work but I'll try my best. Thinking of you.

  4. Just breathe! This is a breath-taking photo. ;<)

  5. Thanks for the well wishes everybody!! TheChief has taken good care of me and I am well on the way to a full mend!!! We just got back from our special spot and I'll be posting again in the next few days!!!

  6. Hoping that Sequoia was delightfully restful and relaxing. Good that The Chief is waiting on you hand and foot and that any results you're looking for are good. Healing hugz!

  7. Gorgeous photo! Seems you had a good time resting and regrouping.

  8. Oh, my goodness! THIS one is gorgeous, too!!! =]

    I've been out of it for a little while, too, and didn't know you weren't feeling so great. =( I hope you bounce back soon and leave it all far behind!

    Best wishes!!!

    Katy xxo

  9. Thanks Trish!!! Results are perfect and I'm mending quickly!!! Thanks for checking in!!!

    Thank you Karen...

    Thanks Katy!!! Bouncing back with gusto!!!