Friday, August 10, 2012

Truly...Fire in the Sky...

"It is not light we need, but fire;
it is not the gentle shower, but thunder.
We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake."
Frederick Douglass

Wednesday, I was on my way up to Minaret Vista in the early afternoon
 when I saw a shaft of lightning off in the the direction of Mono Lake...
I don't know if that shaft of lightning was the one that set off this fire...
but when I went to Mono Lake to do my volunteer thing...
this is what I experienced...

The fire was south east of the lake...burning toward the South Tufa, 
but still a pretty far distance away...

Do click on SkyWatch Friday to see beautiful skies around the world.


  1. The top and bottom images look like paintings. Nice job Kathy.

  2. Amazing. Especially the top one, which looks like a face in the clouds.

  3. Wow, what beautiful photos Kathy!!

  4. Oh, too bad this had to be due to a fire, but I guess that's Mother Nature, too.

  5. Thanks all!!!

    Especially up here Bibi...wild fires are not uncommon...and definitely are a part of the natural process.

  6. That area has experienced a previous burn right? on the road that takes you into Benton. Like a prairie wildfire. Really fascinating (and I'm glad you made the jpgs BIG) I'm probably one of the few that actually clicks on images to look at them. I really do LOOK - carefully - and that sky is worthy of a baroque painting

  7. Thanks PA! 2010 there was a fire around the south tufa...I've been meaning to increase the jpg size for awhile...

  8. fires like that is terrifying. It is beautiful, but.........

  9. Beautiful shots of an awesome natural process. Your work is wonderful, and I always love the quotes you find to go with the photos.

  10. Definitely scary NatureFootstep...watching it advance over the 3 hours that I was there...but still at a relatively safe distance!

    Thank you so much Petrea!

  11. Nature sure has a grand power about her. Amazing photo's!!!