Sunday, August 19, 2012

Singin' in the Rain...

If you want to hear good music, and drink a little beer, wine, or even tequila...
Come to Mammoth for one of our awesome festivals in the summer!!!
This weekend was the Mammoth Wine and Music Festival...
Vintners from all over California as well as imports
were available for tasting...

Of course, Mother Nature had another idea...She just wanted to make sure
we didn't get all dusty tramping around on the wood chips in Sam's Woods
while listening to great music and sipping wine...
so she let loose with a solid downpour!!!

The J. Lohr Vintners were great though...they pulled their tasting table into their canopy
so a lot of us could crowd around the tasting table...and drink their wine!!!
(I think it was one of my favorites!)

The best part of the evening though was the final concert...
with Kenny Loggins!!!
He was fabulous!!!  
He was as good as he's ever been!!!  The crowd loved him!!

I do have to tell a little story though...
I was at the Do It Center (now DIY Ctr) at the cash register...
one of the two guys behind the counter asked who was playing at 
the concert this weekend...
(keep in mind, they were both somewhere in their twenties)
The other guy and I responded Kenny Loggins...
The first guy said...Is he famous or something?
The second guy and I laughed and I explained that he
was very the 60's and 70's!!!
The second guy was laughing and I said I'm impressed 
that you knew who he was...he then told me 
"my dad named me after Bob Dylan"!!!

Winter is special up here...
but summer is awesome!!!


  1. Rain. Wow. I miss it!

    Hey, there are kids who don't know who the Beatles were. It has to happen, I guess.

  2. I know Petrea!!! It was just so funny how innocently he said..."is he someone famous???" It absolutely cracked me up!!! And then when the other kid said he knew who he was because his dad named him after Bob Dylan...I almost lost it!!!

  3. Oh, that looks fun. We just found out that a friend has a condo we can rent there. Planning to get up there next summer. Kenny Loggins is one of my favorites. Saw him twice - maybe in the 80's? Hope he comes back next summer!