Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Snowing...Again!!!

On Wednesday Altadena Hiker asked if we were slated for snow...

It snowed non stop today...had to go out and brush off the satellite dish
5 times...walking in snow up to my mid thigh...
Kelly came out with me and couldn't walk anywhere!!!  

So yeah...we were definitely slated for snow!!!

It's supposed to clear up tomorrow with another storm coming in on Sunday...
The weather reports say it's going to be rain...
but then that's what they said about this storm too!!!

I think it's going to be a good snow year for the Mountain!!!

Oh!  And by the way...this is in full color!!!

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  1. What do you wear for thigh-deep snow? I want to see your outfit.

  2. Great photo, and very good in B&W.
    This is quit "normal" during the winter season in Norway. Perfect for skiing or snowshoes!

  3. Full color? That's beautiful! I'm with hiker. What does one wear for that much snow? I've just been excited that it's rained here, and we get to wear jackets!

  4. Beautiful! Our local mountains have only had a dusting of snow so far...waiting for some REAL snow!

  5. Jeans, snow boots and my puffy coat...and hopefully the snow's not too wet!!! Thanks Hiker!!!

    Thanks HB!!! I was surprised when we had our first snow in early October that it hadn't snowed yet in Sweden...How early did the first snow come in Norway?

    Yep! Full color Adele!!! The main thing is good snow boots!

    This has been a warm snow...a bit wet though not slushy...your snow is coming trav4adventures!!!

  6. This is such a good "colour" photo, so very pretty.

  7. I know Dragonstar!!! I was going to process it in B&W but didn't have to do anything!!!

  8. Thanks Petrea!!! I braved the snow and slush to get this one!!!

  9. Lindo! Moro no Brasil em um lugar quente e nunca consigo ver a neve, Um abraço!

    Mirante da imagem


  10. Obrigada Bia!!! Sem neve no Brasil? Apenas morna clima aprazível, que eu acho!!!