Thursday, December 20, 2012

Raggedy Andy....

This guy was roaming freely around the Concepcion Castle in 
Cartagena Spain...
If you look at the ends of his tail feathers, you'll see that they look like 
they were chopped off...
perhaps this is how a Peacock molts??  

Anybody have any ideas about this???

(I'm a bit off track in posting our trip on 
my Photographic Journey...
if you're interested...look for posts 
starting in the New Year...)

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(Come to think of it...I'm a bit off schedule this whole week!!!)


  1. He's so handsome!! LOVE those colors!

  2. Thanks Keri!!! A bit raggedy on the tail feathers...but the colors are magnificent!!! Didn't bump up the saturation even a tiny bit!!!

  3. Yes, molt I think. Love these guys, they're so flamboyant. I'd trade Altadena's parrots for Arcadia's peacocks.

  4. Nice pictures - I assume that they must have to moult at some time!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. We have peacocks here. They are always fun to spot.

  6. Those peacocks are showy but boy are they noisy too! Nice shots of this guy Chieftess!

  7. Thanks Stewart!!! I'm a little off track on my posting day, but I love your meme!!!

    Thanks NatureFootstep!!! I read the article and yep! Hiker's right!

    Where are you that you have peacocks Margaret? Aren't you in So Pas???

    I agree Larry! I think they're good watch geese!!!!

  8. Molting makes sense, doesn't it? They do have them in South Pas. I've even heard of them in La Canada. They're all over the place!