Thursday, December 6, 2012

Travels with the Chieftess!!!

Yesterday, if you guessed the Coliseum in're right!!!

Our second day in Rome we connected with most of the group 
we would be traveling with for the next 3 weeks...
It was gloomy and raining...but that didn't stop us!

We headed out to the coast to Ostia Antica...
a harbor city of ancient Rome...

This is just a taste of the beginning of our trip...
if you're interested in seeing more...
swing on over to my Photographic Journey blog next week!!!

Periodically, I'll post a bit here too...


  1. Lucky you to have had this adventure.

  2. Thanks Margaret! It was an excellent diversion!!!

    Thanks Petrea! It was!!!

  3. I have been in the northern part of Italy, never in Rome. Hope you have a great trip. :)

  4. Thanks NatureFootstep! We're already back...
    We had a great time!

  5. The depth of history in places like Rome astounds me. Overcast weather sometimes makes for better photos, looking forward to seeing more.