Monday, December 17, 2012

Twists and Turns...

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."
Dorothea Lange

I saw this tree trunk outside a small tourist shop in Mallorca, Spain. 
The shop was filled with the typical touristy *&%# so I wandered out and became
mesmerized by the twists and turns of this magnificent old tree trunk...

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  1. Nice picture and great subject for B/W.

    Looked at the last post as well - the 105 is a great lens. I use it a lot for family portraits as well as a marco.

    Stewart M - Australia

  2. Very interesting lines and shapes, makes me want to run my hands over it.

  3. Gorgeous! Comes out so much nicer in black and white!

  4. I think you got it's good side Kathy. :-)

  5. Thanks Stewart!!!

    I know what you mean Karen...but this one's surface was a bit rough and splintery!!!

    Thanks Katrin and Chai-and-chardonnay!!!

    I took a whole bunch of sides Wayne...just so I could find the right one!!!

    It was Gunilla!!!

  6. That is a fabulous shot - and such a true quotation.

  7. Off topic, but proud owners of a golden retriever that you two are, did you hear specially trained gr's were brought to Newtown to bring comfort? Just to be there to hug and pet. It's a really lovely story.

  8. You'd love it Margaret!!!

    Thanks LadyFi...and I agree...I now see things much differently than I did before I got involved in photography...

    We did hear about that Hiker...I've thought about taking Kelly to "dog therapy school" but first she needs to learn to sit, stay, lie down and come on command!!!

  9. It reminds me of the caves in the SW. Beautiful capture of a hard subject to photograph K.

  10. Je trouve tes photos très belles et très intéressantes. Et les commentaires que tu y ajoute sont très instructifd