Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Emperor...

"The fact that I was a girl 
never damaged my ambitions to be a 
pope or an emperor."
Willa Cather

Hmmm...can't say that being the pope
or an emperor was ever one of my ambitions...

How about you???

Willa Cather (1873-1947) was an American novelist known for her novels
set in frontier life...
She wrote from the perspective of a man, rather than the female perspective
and was quite critical of the female authors of the period...
referring to them as "overly sentimental and mawkish."
(isn't that a great word...mawkish?)
She received the Pulitzer Prize in 1922 for One of Ours.
Have you read any of her works???

Check back on Wednesday for my favorite 
version of our Emperor!!!

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  1. Nice capture of a emperor from time when the ruling class were brutal.

  2. Thanks Andy! Are Emperors ever anything but brutal???

  3. I was about to get all enthusiastic, then realized I was confusing Willa Cather with Eudora Welty. Highly recommend Welty; good place to start (not that you asked) is Why I Live at the P.O.

  4. A great B&W composition!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. I'm guessing your favorite version of the Emperor looks like your Chief.

    Btw, I sometimes take BnW photos on my blog but not of the quality of your World in BnW blog.

  6. Mawkish. Such a great word. I intend to toss that in at holiday gatherings. Haven't read Willa, but I will put her on my list. Also, Eudora Welty. Mixed them both up with Edith Wharton. I haven't any idea why!

  7. Oh, and I wanted to be a librarian. Then I discovered that didn't actually mean you just sat around reading books all day. Quite disappointing.

  8. Well darn Hiker!!! Have you read them both???

    Thanks HansHB!!! Merry Christmas to you too!!!

    No...guess again Cafe!!! Thanks too!!!

    Thanks Prairie Jill!!!

    You and Hiker, Adele...quite the sophisticated readers!!!
    My Grandma was a librarian for 52 years!!! She definitely did not sit around and just read books...but she had a garage full of books by the time she left us for the big library in the sky! We got a book for Christmas every year...I started out getting Leo Politi books, personally autographed by him...with flourish!!! (She played a mean game of Gin Rummey too!)

  9. A fine, well-composed photo. I wonder if he really looked like that.

  10. Thanks Dragonstar!!! I sure wouldn't know if he did!!!
    Please check back on Wed too!!!

  11. Lindo e imponente, perfeito em p&b! UM abraço!
    Mirante da imagem