Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eternal Rest...

"Your days are short here;
this is the last of your springs.
And now in the serenity and quiet of this lovely place,
touch the depths of truth, 
feel the hem of Heaven.
You will go away with old, good friends.
And don't forget when you leave, why you came."
Adlai E. Stevenson

Kelly and I happened on the Mono Lake Cemetery when we were taking our drive
through Lee Vining and down the road to Benton.  
We got out and took a bit of a walk around the grounds...
It's a bit rustic...with a charm all it's own...

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  1. As «Louis» has commented previously, you have a special talent for B&W images and this one proves the point. You also do a superb job of matching text to the image.

  2. Belle photo, et qui met bien en valeur le poeme.
    En reponse a ta question, j'utilise un Nikon D300 (et pour les photos, deux objectifs differents : un 105mm fixe et un 85mm fixe)
    Merci pour ton passage

  3. Takk for besøket Olivier! Jeg virkelig likte dine bilder for B&W helg... du virkelig fanget musikerne vakkert!

    Thanks for visiting Olivier!!! I really liked your pics for B&W really captured the musicians beautifully!!!

  4. kjempe fin s/h bilde ! døden er en del av livet !

  5. En del av livet at ingen av oss kan flykte fra! Takka Dirk!!!

    A part of life that none of us can escape from!!! Thanks Dirk!!!

  6. That looks so peaceful and you photographed it well.

  7. What a peaceful scene, perfect simplicity.

  8. I like rustic, this is very peaceful and serene. Gorgeous monochrome.

  9. Thank you is very rugged terrain...yet peaceful in its ruggedness!!!

    thanks Dragonstar!!!

    Thanks Wayne!!!

  10. What a b&w! I love the peacefulness and those wonderful words from Adlai Stevenson. (Even more fascinating for me as a friend recently had a baby and named him after Adlai, after Stevenson:)

  11. Well you've made me a little sad now.

  12. Whoever this was has been well-remembered by you. But you know, the term "eternal rest" disturbs me no end. I don't want to die and be out of the thick of things until the end of time.

  13. great bw shot. Seems like a good place for a Cememtery. :)

  14. Thanks Petrea!!!

    Thanks you LondonLulu! It was really interesting going through this cemetery...I think the people buried there loved Mono Lake with a was almost as if there was a bond between all of them...

    I'm sorry Margaret!

    Thank you Brian!

    Thanks Prairie Jill!

    Interesting thought Hiker...are you planning on returning for another run through or are you thinking about haunting someone??? I found it quite satisfying to think that all these people loved this area so much that they chose this little spot above the lake as their final resting place...and had a sense that they were all at peace with each other...

  15. Vakkert foto som får meg til å tenke på, og savne de som er borte.

  16. Rustic is good! Very nice photo...

  17. There is something so sad about cemetery photos, perfect for b&w.

  18. I've been if it's on the other side of mono lake headed towards Tahoe