Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Beauty of Decay...CDP Theme Day...

"I have always looked upon decay as being just as wonderful and rich
an expression of life as growth."
Henry Miller

Today is City Daily Photo Theme Day...
and the theme today is...
"The Beauty of Decay".

This building in Bodie State Historical Park is a perfect example!!!

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  1. A perfect subject for a B&W shot, Kathy!

  2. A very effective quote to go with your very effective photo of decay!

  3. That is the perfect quote for the day, and also one I didn't know before. Gorgeous choice in monochrome!

  4. kjempe fin s/h og komposisjon.

  5. Awesome....I love photos of things that are old/rustic/falling apart.

  6. Henry Miller said it well and so does your photo.

  7. You’ve made a great Theme Day post.

  8. Beautiful in black and white, and excellent illustration of the theme - and the quote.

  9. I'm humming a song from my childhood, THis Old House! Good one.

  10. it doesnt look like it will last long but I guess it will as it has survived this long already.
    Wonderful photo!

  11. Bodie came to my mind immediately when I learned of this month's theme. This is a beautiful black & white that captures its dry starkness nicely.

  12. Well, that is a very true quote. Sort of speaks to the human condition doesn't it.

  13. You find the coolest quotes. I like this BW.

  14. Henry Miller is right. Lovely shot.

  15. Nice fixer-upper.

  16. Old barns, old building fading away are always a perfect photo op. thanks for sharing. MB

  17. Well, you are the Quotress, too!!! Perfect job tying in the quote with your wonderful photo! :-)

  18. Thanks LOL!!!

    There's something about decay and Black and White that just works, doesn't it << Louis >>!!!

    Thanks Kate!!!

    At this point in my life LondonLulu, that's a perspective I find a bit more comforting every day!!!

    Takk Dirk! Jeg elsker å jobbe i svart-hvitt!

    Thanks Wayne!!!

    Todays theme is right up your alley then Kaeley!!!

    Thanks Red Pat!

    Thanks Dina!

    Very fragile Merisi! It looked as if a gentle breeze could blow it over!

    Thanks Lynette!

    Thanks Paul!!!

    Thanks Peter!!!

    Ahh...Virginia!!! I remember that song!!!

    I looked like it was going to fall down completely in a matter of days Meghan and JoJune!!!

    Thanks Hamilton!

    You're absolutely right Kay! Bodie it is!!!

    The older I get Margaret...the more I agree!!!

    Thanks Bibi!!!

    Thanks LadyFi...I agree too!

    Thanks Jim!

    How is it you can crack me up in just 3 words Hiker???

    That's why Bodie is one of my favorite spots to photograph MB!!!

    Ah shucks Adele!!! Let's just say that bing is my friend!!! (I don't use Google 'cause of their using your inquiries to target advertising to you!)

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  20. Why did I miss your photo on the CDP theme list? Is beautifully taken! The tone in black and white is perfect.

  21. Henry Miller had a way with words :) this image proves his point Chieftess, excellent shot for the theme.

  22. do you like Bodie?
    we decided not to visit it, as yes, its old, but its "artificially" kept that way... sort of, no?
    have you been to desert center? not as old, but very abandoned...

  23. Thank you so much Wilf!!!

    Thanks PerthDP!!!

    Love Bodie!!! The buildings are all in a state of decay, but they are also supported, in the sense that they are attempting to "arrest" the decay so that future generations can still experience this little bit of the old west and gold country!!! Thanks CaT!!!

  24. Love this photo! I've never been to Bodie and I really want to see it.