Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...Expanded!!!

On Friday we headed out of town to Carson City, Nevada...
We had to have the little Red Snow Mobile serviced and just happened to have
a gift certificate to stay one night in our favorite cheesy casino...
a two room King suite no less!!!

After a wild night...
ending with gastro intestinal upset from something we ate...
(yeah...straight back to the room...with tummies gurgling...some wild night!)
and after the car was tuned to perfection and washed to near perfection...
we headed home...

Just in time for lunch, 
we reached Walker Canyon, about half way home...
we'd never stopped at Walker's Burgers before...
and Saturday seemed like the perfect time to do it!!!

 Who knew it was a little oasis off the side of the road???

(No...that's not TheChief and I!)
Just a random couple, enjoying this little piece of heaven!!!

Mild temperatures with a slight breeze...
good burgers...onion rings and fries...
a couple of sodas...
and all with this beautiful setting!!!

If you ever find yourself in Walker, California...
at lunch time...
from about May til about October...

Stop in and visit Walker Burgers!!!
You'll be glad you did!!!

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  1. Lovely shots, but so sorry to hear about the gastro. Hope you're better now.

  2. It was over in a few hours LadyFi!!! Burgers the next day saw to that!!!

  3. Fun post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. So beautiful! Looks like a good place to spend a wonderful time.

  5. Thanks Gary! It was a fun weekend!

    Thanks Katrin...definitely a nice spot to stop for lunch!!!

  6. Stomach issues aside, it sounds and looks like a romantic weekend.

  7. What a great find! I'll put it on my list.
    Now I want a hamburger. Right now!

  8. Love finding places like this, especially ones that we've driven past over and over again. It looks perfect for lunch or anytime really. Glad your distress was short-lived.

  9. No doubt you'll become regulars each time you travel this road. Don't you just love this kind of happy encounter?

  10.'re such a romantic Hiker!!!

    It's just your kind of place Pat...across the Highway from some of the most classic '50's motels!!! Check it out...

    When time is of the may find us at the Bar B Q spot down the road OaklandDP!!!

    I love California too Petrea!!! Nevada's ruggedly beautiful...but I prefer California...high taxes and all!!!

  11. Walkers sounds good. I'll check it out when I come back that way. Hope the burgers helped your tummies.

  12. Hope you are feeling perfectagain now! And the Hamburger Place looks great!

  13. Thanks Chai-and-Chardonnay!!! We were tip top the very next day!!! All the better to enjoy a great burger!!!

  14. We stayed in Carson City a couple of years ago...loved the location. Close to a lot sight-seeing spots. I am a real big fan of driving around Nevada :). Sorry about your stomach bug but, gosh, how neat that your cloud definitely had a silver lining. Great shots.

  15. Nevada is an interesting state LOL!!! Beautiful in its ruggedness...and lots of interesting little historical spots here and there...but not my preferred shopping location for our periodic shopping excursions!!! (Mammoth's go to shop is in Bishop...KMart...the Nordstrom's of the Eastern Sierras!!!) (Says I with tongue firmly planted in cheek)