Friday, June 21, 2013

Is it Christmas yet???

Now why is it you can't buy a Christmas tree that looks as good as this one???
Who decided that trees with mega branches and no spaces make better Christmas trees?
Don't they hang ornaments???
This one would be perfect!!!  It's's perfectly shaped...
and there's space for the ornaments to hang!!!

that's Mono Lake in the background!!!

A beautiful day, wandering around the countryside...

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  1. Ha ha! Not yet... Lovely scenery though.

  2. I sense you understand the dilema LadyFi!!!

  3. For the moment I don't want to think about Christmas ! But I agree the tree looks beautiful against the blue sky ! We are supposed to enter summer today and it's cold and it rains !

  4. I agree Gattina!!! But I can't help it when I see such perfectly shaped natural Christmas trees!!! I love Christmas...but I love summer more!!!

    Thanks Jim!!!


  5. mary christmas :-) , det er en liten stund til heldighvis :-)

  6. I wouldn't mind if it already were! Nature's own Christmas tree, it's already perfectly formed:)

  7. is this near the road that leads into Benton?

  8. Takka Dirk!!!

    Oh no LondonLulu...Christmas time means snow up here...I can wait!!! But I am scoping out Christmas trees!!!

    The tree is not's on the edge of a parking lot to a souvenir store in Lee Vining, overlooking Mono Lake!!! The banner photo however, is!!! I've had your advice in the back of my mind to go down that road at the Golden Hour... I never seem to be up there at that time, and yesterday I felt like an adventure and decided to head down that road anyway...after having been in Lee Vining for awhile... And you're absolutely right!!! It's beautiful back there!!! I'm definitely going to schedule a Golden Hour cruise through there... Oh...and by the way...I loved the roller coaster ribbon road!!! Though I don't think I'd recommend it if a person get car sick easily!!!

  9. Fantastic shot. When I saw it my immediate thought was 'Christmas'. I am slowly getting used to seeing your part of the world without snow. But I'm not used to it yet :).

  10. There are still patches on the mountaintops LOL!!!

  11. You are so right! Who decided that commercial trees have to be that way?
    Nice photo. The little slice of Mono Lake really helps bring it all together.