Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...

"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day,
a fresh try, one more start,
with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning."
J.B. Priestley

Ok...time for me to reveal a bit of me...
I'm hooked on TheVoice!!!

Yep...If I can't see it at the regular worries...I've "tivo'd" it!!!
Did you happen to watch last night???
I mean...really!!!
How's a person supposed to pick between the five semi-finalists???
They are awesome!!!

At this really doesn't matter who is going to win the competition....
They're all phenomenal...
and I'm sure they're all on their way to great musical careers!!!

What might you ask does this have to do with my post...
perhaps it's that "magic waiting behind the morning."

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  1. A wonderful photo with the flowers in Focus and the mountains in the background. We have also "The Voice" in Germany. It´s so funny !

  2. I love the pop of color from the flowers! Have a great Tuesday. ☺

  3. Gorgeous photo. Snow on the mountain and flowers down below. Beautiful. I've only watched the Voice once and was mightily impressed with the talent. There are so many people out there who have great gifts. It's nice there is a place that showcases those gifts.

  4. It's so pretty there in the mountains.

  5. flott landskap i bakgrunn , kjempe fin bilde,

  6. Thanks Seraphina!!! Interesting that you have The Voice in Germany!!! Is it with German talent or is it the American version???

    Thanks Dana-these flowers are native up here...but I have no idea what they are!!!

    Thanks Gary!!!

    I agree Bayside...I love watching Danielle Bradberry....the youngest contestant at 16 and with such a natural voice...absolutely amazing talent....a Country Music Superstar in the making!!!

    Thanks LadyFi!!!

    No castles, but some pretty amazing houses Dirk!!!

  7. Ingen slott, men noen ganske utrolig hus, Dirk!

  8. Well done, Chieftess, on your language skills :). No idea what you are saying but I am sure it is very nice! As for your shot...perfect! And the voice? We have it here too but I haven't got my hands on the controller so I can watch it :(.

  9. Gorgeous! I like how you used the flowers in the foreground!

  10. They're pretty girls. I mean the flowers, I don't know nothin' about The Voice.

  11. I've never seen the voice but I know it's very popular I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  12. Thanks LOL!!! I don't really know what I was saying either!!! But I love Bing Translator!!! As for the of my favorites, one that I thought should be in the top two, got bumped tonight! Ah never can tell what the American public is thinking!!! I think the Oklahoma boys have a very strong following!

    Thanks Brian!!! Praise from you is greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks Hiker!!!

    They've had amazing talent this year Margaret!!! The top five can all make it in the industry!!! And they're all really likable people too!!!

  13. I love the view from your little world, I am very envious. I don't watch the voice but it does seem very popular.Will keep thinking about a new project and let you know.

  14. Very nice Kathryn. From one extreme to the other. High/low, front/back and snow/spring.