Sunday, October 6, 2013

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner!!!

This is not my photo....but...

I couldn't resist posting!!!

This photo was taken by an unknown Vons employee in the Vons at Mammoth...
and was posted on Steve Searles (TheBearWhisperer) facebook page...
Apparently it's gone viral!!!

Smart bear!!! 

Apparently, this is the same bear that I got a pic of here...
remember?...the orphan who's been hanging out in my neighborhood???

According to Steve, the bears are especially active in town right now...
looking for food to finish fattening them up for their long naps!!!

I think he's found the equivalent of bear heaven!!!

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  1. Oh I don't know Chieftess, your bear looks a lot could be because it's quite a bit closer I guess. Seriously I can't believe you have black bears around and about..kangaroos seem a little less scary :)

  2. He's actually quite the charmer Karen!!!

    Takk Dirk!!!

    Definitely has to do with the distance PerthDP!!! I was pretty up close and personal with my telephoto lens on my pic...this one was taken with a cell phone from a distance away. bears are more nuisance than dangerous. At this time of year they're trying to fatten up and the town bears have figured out that human food is pretty tasty and easily accessible...they get into trash cans of can cause tens of thousands of dollar damages....we've been fortunate so far...we've had one on our back deck, one destroyed our barbecue, and one climbed in the back of the truck and was rummaging through our garbage that TheChief was getting ready to take to the transfer station!!! (We don't have roadside garbage disposal, nor do we have roadside mail delivery!!! We're really rural!!!)

  3. Yikes - a bear up close! Fun, furry foto!
    Remember me.....
    Regards from EAGAN daily photo

  4. Great to have you visit again Leif!!!

  5. Sweet baby! I hope the authorities were gentle with him.

  6. No one called the authorities!!! They just shooed him out!!! Usually...if Steve or the police are called they take non lethal rubber bullets or something that makes a lot of noise...and a few other things...they "spank" the bear so it will be dissuaded from trying again!

  7. Wow..a bear in the supermarket stuffing his face with tomatoes! I had no idea that they can be such a nuisance.But glad that nobody harmed him.

  8. That is so cute! I'm really happy to hear that nobody freaked out and over reacted to him coming in the store.

  9. He certainly thought he hit the jackpot!!!

    I think he wandered in very late...probably not too many people otherwise he probably wouldn't have wandered in...

  10. He was a super-adorable cub back then, and look how he's grown! No doubt fattening himself up on local goodies! I hope he continues to thrive (though perhaps not in human shops:).

  11. He's worrisome...because without his mama to teach him the ways of the bear...he is vulnerable to the temptations of the human world...hopefully he'll learn!!!