Saturday, October 19, 2013

Walking the Red Carpet...

As part of my photographic assignment this past weekend
I had to include the Alex Theater.
If you grew up in Glendale when I did, then you spent many an afternoon or 
evening at the movies in this grand theater.
The theater was built in 1925 and began it's historic run with 
vaudeville, plays and silent movies.
 Also, during the 30's and 40's the Alex
was host to many a Hollywood premier...showcasing stars
such as Don Ameche, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bing Crosby.

My dad was a young man at that time and used to tell of going to watch the stars
as they got out of their big, beautiful cars and walked down the red carpet to the theater lobby.
Of course, he also used to tell stories of going to the movies there...
but before he went, he would eat a couple of cloves of garlic....
Are you with me here???
Yep...he'd sit down next to someone and ask the time...they'd get up and leave...
he kept doing that until he had the row to himself and his buddies!!!
(or so the story goes!)
By the time I was of the age to go to the movies, the theater had been around awhile
and no longer featured live theater or premiers.
But it definitely was the best movie theater in Glendale.

I saw Disney's Fantasia there when I was just a little girl...
and of course in high school...
went on many a date to the movies there...
remember Bonnie and Clyde with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty?
You name the movie in the 50's and 60's, and if I saw was most likely there.

In the early 90's the theater was renovated and it is now a Performing Arts Center.
The theater is managed by Glendale Arts, a non-profit organization
and is owned by the City of Glendale.
 The theater is a registered historic landmark.

Currently the theater is home for five resident companies:
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles
Glendale Youth Orchestra
Alex Film Society
Musical Theater Guild.
The theater also hosts many other concerts, performances, and events.
Celebrate Dance!!!
A wonderful Dance production
produced by Jamie of my high school classmates!!!!

If you're in the area around March of next year...
keep your eyes open for this wonderful production!


  1. Great photo, a very good contribution to the B&W theme!

  2. Great light and the reflections and compositing.

    1. Thank you Lorik!!! I am always extra appreciative of comments from artists!!!

  3. I really miss those old-style, regal theatres, and you told some marvelous stories about this one. Great angle in top shot.

    1. Thanks Kate! There are definitely a lot of memories in this theater!!!

  4. What a place filled with so many memories.Wonderful perspective.

    1. Thanks Chai and Chardonnay!!! It is a grand theater and really needed me to be far across the street and more, if I wanted to capture the whole theater...fortunately, I prefer a more unique perspective!!!

  5. The photos are great, but really come to life with the story. That's an elegant ticket booth

    1. Thanks Woody!!! I always used to love hearing my dad talk about the premiers he hung around at...definitely a perk of growing up next door to Hollywood in its heyday!!!

  6. Terrific stories! Not sure if I believe your dad's, but either way, he sounds like quite a character.

    1. I used to wonder about that too Hiker, until I heard my Uncle tell virtually the same story!!!

  7. fantastic! and I love these shots in black and white, really good

  8. Oh the grand old days of movie palaces! Lovely light!

    1. We had two other theaters in Glendale but this was always my favorite!!! The only thing I like better about the new theaters is the fancy stadium seats!!!

  9. Excellent photos of this theater! Thanks for sharing the story!

  10. I love the first -spectacular shapes!

  11. What fabulous style that theater has! The Paramount in Oakland has been preserved and is equally stylish.