Friday, October 4, 2013

Under the Santa Fe Sky...

"The only things in my life that compatibly exists with this grand universe
are the creative works of the human spirit."
Ansel Adams

What took me on an impromptu trip to Santa Fe?

You know that I've been exploring Georgia O'Keefe a bit and 
working with macros of flowers...

Well...I was on the Georgia O'Keefe websit one day...just browsing...
and I found a landscape photography intensive workshop!

The workshop leader was Alan Ross...professional photographer...
and one time assistant to Ansel Adams!!!

Well...since the last time I was in Santa Fe was pretty much just a drive through...
it occurred to me that it might be fun to go and see a bit more...

So I checked with my stepson's girlfriend (who's interested in art and photography)
to see if she would be interested in the intensive and exploring Santa Fe... me...her only visit to Santa Fe
was also a drive through!  

Sooo...On Thursday the 26th we set off on our little adventure...

The workshop was fun and quite informative...
And filled with interesting little stories about Ansel Adams!

Alan also gives workshops in Yosemite...
in fact...has one scheduled for next week...
which, as it happens is currently closed....
sooo....what to do...what to do???

You guessed it!  
They're coming to Mammoth!!!
They may just hit the jackpot in Fall color...
the color has really started to pop around here.

I'm not signed up for this one...
but maybe a another Yosemite visit is in the future for me!!!

If you're interested in finding out more about Alan or his workshops...
click here or here!!!

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  1. It is a beautiful shot!
    The workshop would be a fantastic one!

  2. Be still my heart! Can't wait to get back there!

    1. I love that you love Santa Fe!!! I'm sure a lot has to do with the weather...and the art...and the culture...and the restaurants...and....and....and!!!!

  3. That is a gorgeous photo, the contrast of the white cross is great.

  4. What fun, an impromptu road trip! Great photo too!

  5. «Louis» is enjoying your photos of Santa Fe. Growing up in Lubbock, TX, he visited Santa Fe often in the summer with his mother who was fascinated with the place and its history.

  6. Now that sounds like a really fun trip, with the serendipity of finding a workshop and all.

    Love the colors here....and the disabled access sign!

  7. Haha!!! TheChief is heading to Lubbock Texas on Sunday!!! There's a tremendous amount of history in Santa Fe...we had dinner one night at the oldest cantina in the US!!! (Well, yeah....a few glasses of Spanish wine too!!!)

  8. Thanks Bibi!!! I thought about removing the sign...but I kind of liked it!!! Aside from the fact that I have not yet mastered removing items from my pics!!! problem...but objects??? A whole other ball game!!!

  9. Quintessential Santa Fe..wonderful image Chieftess.

  10. You definitely captured the essence of the place. Beautiful photo. I haven't been there in many many years.