Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The most Important spot in Mammoth!!!

ABC Wednesday

Little did I know that when we moved to Mammoth, the US Post office
would Indisputably become the most Important spot in town...

Mammoth Lakes does not have street delivery...I know...
but apparently the sleet and snow the postal service will go through 
to get our mail to us is strictly on the way to the Mammoth Post Office!!!
It's up to us to check our boxes and look for the yellow card that means
"You've got packages!!!"

The Post Office here is quite the social scene...
generally speaking TheChief runs into someone daily...

Now you've probably noticed that our Post Office is quite 
beautifully landscaped...
that's thanks to Elizabeth of our Planning Commissioners
who took it upon herself to beautify our social center!!!

Indisputably one of the most beautiful Post Office social centers 

(I must apologize though...I took this yesterday...quite at the end of our 
summer's quite extraordinary when in full bloom...
I promise next year...early spring!!!)


  1. It is lovely, but I'nm wondering if it will survive the massive cuts the Postal service is anticipating.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Wonderful photo of your social center!
    With Rog, I ask will it survive cutting?
    ABC Team

  3. Well Rog and helenmac...given that it's the only post office in town...and the next town is 30+miles away, I'm pretty sure our social center is safe!!!

  4. That is so cool on the part of Elizabeth. Our post office is the most avoided spot in town.

  5. PA...We can't avoid ours even if we wanted's the only way we get mail!!!

  6. Your post office garden is so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

    I am In

  7. thank you Kim!!! And so glad you stopped by to visit and comment!!!

  8. Love the interesting angel. I'm sure in the height of the season, the flowers are spectacular. But they are still quite lovely.

  9. Thank you Lisa! I think the flowers are more spectacular earlier in the season because there's more of them!

  10. Hah! My first thought was, pretty! but will it survive... then I saw your answer to Roger and helenmac. Sure hope you're right!