Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stay on Track...

Frustrated with all the rules and regulations regarding driving cars???

Check out some of these railroad prohibitions!!!

"Putting salt on a railroad track in Alabama was once punishable by death."

"It is considered a misdemeanor offense to throw pickle juice at a trolley on Rhode Island."

"In Seattle, Washington, women who sit on men's laps on trains without placing a pillow 
between them would face an automatic six month jail term."

"In Wisconsin it was once illegal to kiss on a train."

For more railroad here!!!


  1. I feel like we've come to a YYYYY in the track!
    Great photo, dear Chieftess

  2. beautiful shot!

    lol on the prohibitions!

    my mother and grandmother were on a train from the mid-west to CA. Grammie was 85 months pregnant with their 2nd child, my mother ~3yo, traveling w/out Grandad. My mother apparently spent most of the time, running up and down the aisles of the train saying "my mommy and daddy JUST got married!". (not true btw) Uhm, yeah, if you think sitting upon the lap of a man without benefit of a pillow was frowned upon!!!!

    Grammie spent the rest of the time trying to hide in their compartment and keep my mother's mouth full so she wouldn't talk!

  3. Thank you Leif!!!

    That's a great story Trish!!!