Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yosemite...a Dangerous Beauty...

I just recently read that this year there have been about twice the average number of deaths
 in Yosemite...17 total by mid August...I didn't realize that even half would be a normal number.
When my granddaughters and I were visiting, we saw some news vans and instantly
thought something had happened...but then we realized they were from 
one channel and thought...maybe it's a special interest story about Yosemite...

We found out on our way home that 3 people had lost their lives going over what I believe were 
these falls.  

Yosemite is gorgeous...but it is also wild and can be very dangerous.  
When you attention to the signs telling of danger as they may
just save your life.  

For more information, click here.

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  1. It's a beautiful and magnificent photo, and it's hard to believe that something so gorgeous could be so destructive. But, one misstep...

  2. Actually Kate...these falls are well marked as exceedingly the point that the signs indicate you will die if you go I understand it, one of the three got into the water too near the falls and started being swept away, another in their party tried to save her...then a third in their party did as well...they wall went over. It is a very dangerous thing to get in the water near the falls, and at this time of year after an epic winter of snow, it was even more dangerous than normal...

  3. It's a beautiful scene. A shame people don't think of the consequences of their actions.

    I've posted your link on Mister Linky :)

  4. back in something like 1982, I visited with my father. It was spring, there was a lot of snow. We were up at Vernal Falls. If there were guardrails at the time, they were hidden by snow. I took a step and hit a patch of ice. Were it not for a strong piece of snow bank I grabbed, I would have ended up at the bottom of Vernal. And we are the Scout types who don't take risks.

    Have to give nature the respect she deserves.

  5. Wow...close call Trish! From what I understand, because of the danger up there, there are guardrails and signs (but I could be wrong)...probably because of many accidents like yours...and who knows how or why it's tragic no matter how. I don't think people in general really understand the dangers of the natural's amazing to me, but then I grew up going to the mountains and learned very early...

  6. We never reported anything, just breathed a sigh of relief and kept our distance from the edge of anything. We thought we were safe, a good distance from the edge, but like I said, I slipped on a patch of ice that looked like safe rock and nearly bought it. Had a healthy respect for the outdoors beforehand---having grown up spending vacations at our outback cabin---certainly had even more after that little spill.

    Got to have respect for Mother Nature, it isn't like running around with a protective shield around you.

  7. Excellent and very nice black and white photography.
    And people BE CAREFUL!!! LOOK AT THE SIGNS!!!

    Regards and best wishes

  8. @Tanya---I'd add---THINK before you attempt something. When I nearly went over Vernal, there were no signs, no barriers, and Dad and I are pretty cautious with nature---and I nearly bought it. Think ahead of what you're doing, what your emergency route and action is and consider maybe you don't to have to put that in action. Don't depend on a sign (that might wash away or be covered in snow or mud) to be your guide. Think! I don't believe enough people do that these days.

  9. Again...well said...

    Thank you Tatjana!

  10. Stunning beauty! As with all wild places, we are the ones who have to pay attention.