Friday, September 16, 2011

Thunderstorms and snow....already???

This last winter was an "epic" winter.  Over 664 inches of snow 
covered these you can see, some is still there after our short 
but very sweet summer...

For the past week we've had clear blue skies in the mornings with 
beautiful billowy white clouds...only to have it cloud over 
with grey and menacing thunder clouds in the late afternoon.

Yes...we've actually already had snow at 10000ft...
just a dusting, but it's there...
Some say we're in for another epic winter...
Some are predicting 30% more snow than last year...
But then, just how often are the meteorologists right??? 

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  1. Oh no - not NOW! Great pic though.

  2. A bit Ansel Adams, but a great shot. Always pleasant to look at.

  3. I know LadyFi!!! But I have to admit, it's been known to snow up here in the middle of summer upon I'm still hoping to have that late summer warmth soon!!!

    This is Ansel Adams territory S.C.!!! Not Yosemite, but close by! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Alas...its that time of year again:(

  5. Wonderful light! Impressive nature - so well captured.

  6. Oh oh not now later please ^_^ Happy weekend!


  7. I agree with s.c. You and Ansel must be related.

    This is a wonderful view of nature having its way with us... I do hope that the winter is not as punishing as last.

    Bon weekend,

  8. Its too soon to be winter, I want to be in the Eastern Sierra for the foliage, hopefully in mid October.

    Nice framing!

  9. wow! then again, I woke up to 52F this am and actually applies jeans before I went outside later!

    bundle up Chieftess!

    heard there was a fire off 395--hoping y'all are far enough away from it.

    wv: rever---looks like the weather REVERting back to

  10. Awesome shot! You know winter is on its way when the snow flies in the highest of elevations. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Hopefully Linda...we'll get another spurt of summer warmth before we head into winter again!!!

    Thank you Sivinden!!! And welcome!!! Glad you stopped by!

    I agree Kim!!! Hope we can hold off winter until Dec!!!

    Thank you so much Genie!!! I'm definitely blushing!!!

    Fall colors will be beautiful again I'm sure Ebie!!! Shoot me an email when you know when you'll be up here!!!

    I know Trish!!! We've actually turned the brand new pellet stove on in the mornings this past for the fire, it's out of Big where near!!! Let's hope we REVERt back to summer again before fall and winter really hit!!!

    Thank you Peg!!! It actually has been known to snow up at the higher elevations during the middle of summer so I'm holding out for another month of warm weather!!!

  12. Ansel Adams is calling and he wants his photo back! j/k This is awesome!

  13. Blushing again James!!! Thank you!!!

  14. I always admire the range of tones you get in your B&w shots.

  15. That was a lot of snow last winter!!! Beautiful photo-very striking in B&W. You have lovely surroundings. Mickie :)

  16. I think James is right! This is a winner and .......not a WINTER this soon!

  17. Yes! We had a thunder and rain storm during the Walnut Creek farmers market - on a day when it was supposed to be sunny and 80º!

  18. Thank you Oakland!!! I love to do black and white! Come back on Sunday for another one!!!

    Thank you Mickie!!! Yep...a lot of snow!!!

    Blushing again Virginia!!! Thank you!!! And pray for warm summer type weather up here for another month or so!!!

    We heard there were thunderstorms down south too Louis!!! Thanks for stopping by....BTW...I can already smell the coffee!!!

    Thank you Petrea!!!

  19. Excellent and very nice black and white photography.

    Regards and best wishes