Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Path I Chose...

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just recently I was talking with my sister about life and living...
she was out of sorts and we were talking about our lives and our choices...
I find it fascinating, looking back, how much my life was impacted
by the philosophies of the times (the 60's and 70's) and the songs..particularly the 
Beatles and the song "All There is is Love".

As the years have gone by, the idealistic views of my life have been
tempered by the realities of life and and a lifetime of work...
when I became a manager of employees and saw the kids that came 
through our school who were products of social promotion...
my perspective began to change...

At this time in my life... I wish I had followed my heart and values more...
I gave up bits of myself along the way...particularly in relation to 
two previous relationships  (ok...previous husbands...)
I look back now and I see opportunities I lost along the way, and yet the path 
that I followed made me who I am today...
(Something the Chief reminds me of when I get philosophical...)

Would I really change the path I took???  

Food for thought...


  1. It's a lovely photo!
    Have a great Sunday:)

  2. No Chieftess, you would not change the path, unless, following your Chief, you don't want to be who you are today. And one more thing: there's nothing stopping you from changing your path going forward. Nice musings, nice bridge.

    [I just sent you an email about the copyright sign... I now see you already have that... so I clearly misunderstood your comment. LOL! I just use my initials.]

  3. lovely bridge and interesting thoughts, I wonder similar things myself sometimes

  4. I think, we allways do the best we can. from a future perspective it´s really easy to say: Should I have done this or that an other way! So from my side everything´s perfect and we are on our way having lessons and learning by them.
    Great post, dear Chieftess! Have a wonderful fall and indian summer!


  5. Thank you Joo!!!

    I agree with you Francisca!!! I have found that I am quite content with where I am now...yes...I do have regrets in some of the twists my path took, but all in all...I think I'm exactly where I should be!!! (ps...I love how you arranged your initials for your copyright)

    Thanks JBar!!! Glad you stopped by to visit and comment!

    Thank you Crafty Green Poet!!!

    I agree with you too Elizabeth!!! And I am definitely hoping for a lovely Indian summer!!!

  6. I'm a little late, but I want to add my two cents - and that is that I find as I get older, I have less patience with the wonderings of what my life might have been like on a different path. I have accepted that I probably would not have changed - or been able to change - how I lived my life. But, I hope to make a few changes for the path ahead (but probably will have to accept... again).

    Interesting photo - I can't quite see where the path leads and I find it almost disorienting (perfect for your musing).

  7. Thank you Lesley...I agree...the older I get, the more I understand the process of my getting to exactly where I am and how I wouldn't be who I am now if I had not gone through all that I did...Thanks for joining in the discussion!!!

  8. Thanks to you all for joining in the discussion!!!

  9. I get this discussion once in a while. Sometimes from young'ns who wonder about my life path. Some by older folks who wonder if I still think I can change my life. And yet still, sometimes by peers who are contemplating how their lives could have been different and are looking for validation that someone else has regrets too.

    Truth is, sure, there are things I still wonder "what if I'd done that differently?" and the "gee, I sure wish I had made a better choice in X". But I also know I have endured certain things that have taught me the things I need to know in another step of my life. That, sometimes scares me as to "if I'm not liking this lesson, what is it aiming to teach me in the next portion of life?!?!". I'd love to go back and hug my grandparents again. I'd love to data mine my great-grandmother for every last piece of genealogy and memory she had of her life. I'd change other things, knowing that they'd probably change who I ended up being, but as someone who learned at an earlier age to say "no" more often when I really wanted to say it instead of being agreeable to not rock the boat.

    I keep aiming at making the path in front of me easier and more knowledgeable with the history I do have. Good news is I have learned and understand that life is one long learning process---just hoping the future lessons don't knock me on the head too hard!

  10. Right on Trish!!!

    (never did learn a more up to date replacement for "right on"!!!)

  11. I"M; a firm believer that the twists and turns in our lives and the people that come and go make us what we are. At the time , some things that happened in my life seemed like the worst possible scenario and now in retrospect those events allowed me to eventually fly. LIfe is a labyrinth. We must follow the path and make the best of it. Loved this post K.

    Can't wait to see you dear one.

  12. Thank you Virginia!!! Counting the days til you grace SoCal with your presence!!!