Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Slow Burn Here...

What do you think?

Forest Fire or Lightning???

Definitely a bear's winter home!!!


  1. Wow - so beautiful!

  2. That's a good question,I don't have an answer for you but I really like how you shot this.

  3. can I guess both? lightning that caused a forest fire?

    looks a LOT like the tree that got hit at our family cabin eons ago (our tree was smaller, ergo, cubby is smaller). A strike hit the tree, caused a fire but didn't go far.

    wv: goductsh...the sound made when lightning strikes a tree and starts a fire?

  4. Thanks LadyFi and Steffe!!! I'm fascinated by these trees that have been practically gutted like this but not only are still standing, they're still thriving on top!!!

    That would be my guess too Trish...although the Chief thinks it was a fire because it burned the bottom, not the top...

  5. OH I can see them all curled up together.... :) . Lightning.

  6. We saw the same thing at Ice House, and couldn't figure it out. I do know that the inner tissue on trees (non-functional heartwood) dies, and it's the outer living tissue that continues to function.

  7. Yep...the bears just might call this one home this winter!!!

    Thank you Louis!!!

    Good point Hiker!!! I forgot about that phenomenon! Even with the break in the bark where the lightning/fire

  8. I'm not sure how tall Chief is, but wondering how he knows the top of the tree wasn't hit? Doesn't have to be a see thru tree for it to have been hit. Knew a tree near our cabin that had plenty of hits and finally one day the bottom burst into flames, as did a spot on the top where it hit---never could see the top strike area, but the bottom was clear as day. Then again, we had plenty of trees that HAD been hit.

    seriously cool pic, even tho I detest lightning! you'll just find me under the couch during most storms!

  9. Well darn Trish...he's pretty darn tall...but not that tall!!! I like thunder and lightning as long as I'm indoors, warm and toasty!!!