Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning...

It's hard to believe it's actually been ten years since our world stood still 
while we all watched the horrors of that tragic day....

Since the beginning of September, the National Geographic channel has 
been airing the most amazing footage of one of the most horrific tragedies
in our lifetime.  If you haven't seen them, do make a point to do so. 

As I've watched the various episodes, the emotion of that day and the days following
floods back...and I again wonder how any human being could 
willingly participate in such a horrific attack...knowing that they too, will not survive.
It is unimaginable to me.

What also came back to me...was the incredible realization that so many
throughout the world were as horrified as we were...
regardless of our different ideologies...
and took time to ceremonially honor those who had died in our 
American tragedy.

 God Bless the more than 3000 souls who lost their lives that horrific day.

Thank you to all those who participated in the recovery and cleanup following this tragedy.
You are all heroes...

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

Alan Jackson


  1. A beautiful photo of our American flag! A wonderful posting on today's 9/11 anniversary. I had just finished a client meeting and came out into the hallway where one of the agency secretaries told me what had just happened to the first tower....

  2. Thank you Leif...I was getting ready for work when the first tower was hit. I saw a replay on the tv and stopped to watch in complete shock when I saw the second plane hit as it happened. I have been mesmerized by the remembrances that have been recounted on tv...what's been amazing about the news coverage on this has been the personalization. The photos, the children, the parents, the friends and families being interviewed has all put the depth of the tragedy into perspective.

  3. I was still @ home that morning preparing to leave for work. Flipping through the channels. Landed on the Today Show. I never left.

    Btw, it's good to see you came to visit my Cafe Pasadena this morning, ChiefTess! Long time no hear from you. Glad you're oK. Hope we treated you well today and you left satisfied. Come back again soon, you here!

  4. Back at ya Cafe!!! We've been moving since June...I've barely kept up with my own posting!!!

  5. I was in my office (former job) and could not believe the events as they unfolded. I turned on the TV in our conference room and the staff spent the morning following the horror, unable to comprehend what we were seeing.

    Thank you for this tribute, my friend.


  6. I remember that I was driving to work when the towers actually collapsed...after that it's all a blur. The pentagon...flight United 93...I remember Bill Handle (radio talk show host) completely losing any composure when each of the towers went down...then the pentagon...I think I was at work for all the rest and I know we had the tv on...each of us checking in periodically.

    Thank you for visiting Genie!!!

  7. Your flag looks gorgeous against the blue sky and the rugged mountains. I hope you had a peaceful day of remembrance. I don't think any of us will ever forget what happened.

  8. I was pretty much glued to the tv all weekend...watching all the remembrances of the brought it all back. I read your comment on Hiker's blog about the Japanese bankers who were killed that day as definitely was a world tragedy as much as an American tragedy. Yesterday, a lot of what was shown on tv was of the memorials and the rebuilding...
    new towers going up, bigger and better than ever. The memorial is stunning and quite appropriate. Life goes on...