Monday, October 17, 2011

It's a kick-@#* red!!!

"Beauty to me is being comfortable in your own skin.
That, or a kick ass red lipstick."
Gwyneth Paltrow

My favorite kick ass red car in honor of
Virginia...a dear blog friend
from Birmingham, Alabama
coming to visit California!!!

Check out her blog...
and her photo book of Paris...
Paris Rouge


  1. I always wanted a hot red car .. gotta love Gwynny's idea of comfort

  2. SHUT UP!!!! I LOVE that car. What a find and thank you of thinking of me dear one. Can't wait to see you this week. Whhhheeeeeeeee!

  3. My favorite color nail polish Kate!!!

    Daryl...My dad had a bright red Austin Healy sports car when I was a kid...I always wanted to be able to drive it...but he sold it before I got my license...which really sucks since both my sister's got to drive it!!!

    I figured you'd love this one V!!!! Can't wait to see you too!!!

  4. Oh, what a lovely red! Such a vibrant photo.

  5. Virginia - since I won't be around to chaperone you all next weekend, you'd better behave! Sorry I won't ssee you this time.

  6. Thank you Tina and LadyFi!!!

    Don't you worry 'tall...we won't do anything you wouldn't do!!!

    Thanks Louis!!! I haven't a clue!!! I just like to look at and photograph old cars...I don't have a clue as to their makes or years!!!

  7. Heh! totally awesome photo. Memorable just like V's red truck.

  8. Thanks Tash!!! I love that color red!!!

    Thanks Gunn!!!