Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reflections of Summer's Passing...

Summer only arrived in June here in Mammoth...
Now there are predictions of snow for next week...

Yesterday, Kelly and I went down to Rock Creek Lake and Rock Creek...
It was cloudy and rainy...chilly too...

Summer's just a little too short up here!!!

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  1. Snow! Oh, my...that really is a bummer and a short summer! Terrific reflections and the touch of the rock in the lower corner is wonderful.

  2. You may have short summers, but it sure is pretty up there. Come on down to LA for more heat and sun!

  3. Wow... Once again you found a perfect spot to catch some lovely reflections... It must be something so great, to live in those mountains.

  4. Yep!!! It's beautiful up here Susan!!! I'll be heading south a fair amount this I'm counting on some of the SoCal sunshine!!!

    Thank you 'Tsuki!!! It's like living in paradise up here... even when it snows!!!

  5. Snow!!!!! Oh my gosh, it was just 100 here a few weeks ago. The seasons do come and go quickly. Beautiful reflection --spectacular photo of it. Mickie :)

  6. I know Mickie!!! I can hardly believe it!!! I haven't quite gotten used to it!!!

  7. I'm sure the snow adds another beautiful dimension to the living in this environment. Soothing reflections.