Thursday, October 6, 2011

No...this isn't last year's photo...

I was expecting 2-3 inches at most...

About 10:30am Wed...
and no...this isn't in black and white!!!

Darn!!!  We still haven't put away our summer stuff!!!

Our first driveway plow of the year!!!

It's supposed to get warm and sunny this weekend and next week...
yep...a warm 66 degrees!!!


  1. Wow. The forecast in Sweden was a bit similar. No snow in my area for a month or two I hope, but they did get some snow up North. Always a bit of a surprise when the first snow comes.

  2. Oh, dear! You have my sympathy! It's always so darn pretty but then the reality hits home!!

  3. Snow - already? Oh no!

  4. I saw the thumbnail and did a double take! Is this for real? Amazing how much snow you get all at once...and dare I say that I think the trees in the first photo are gorgeous? :-)

  5. yikes!

    your weather bug on the right of the page says "20F". Thought I was chilly at 46F this am!

    A little ironic to see the grill with a foot of snow on it! Looks a little like the ice caves in the north!

    Enjoy your first snow day of the season!

    wv: doges...I'd mention that I'm still sitting here in my shorts and t-shirt, but I'd expect I'd have to post "Trish doges a snowball thrown from Mammoth!" ;-) or is that "watching the doges play in the first snow of the year"?

  6. Well Steffe and Lady's pretty amazing when we get snow in California long before it gets to Sweden!!! or Kate's Minnesota!!! I was prepared for a light dusting...but not 12+ inches!!!

    Thanks Kaori!!! I would normally agree about the beauty of the snow on the trees but I'm too aggravated to appreciate it!!!

    Sooo....Did the snowball I threw your way reach you Trish??? Kelly absolutely LOVES the snow!!! As a matter of fact, she might have intercepted the snowball I tossed your way!!!

    I know Sharon...I was just wearing flip flops a couple of days ago!!!

  7. Oh my God! I hope we don't see any for awhile yet.

  8. Winter already?! It was cold here in Altadena last night so I'm not surprised you got snow. But wow. Christmas in October!

  9. lol

    I think the snowball melted before it arrived here!

    I LOVE seeing pups chase snowballs! They have so much fun! Glad Kelly enjoys them...maybe you can send her out to "hunt" all the snow in the yard? Actually, a friend taught her lab to dig snow---might as well put the pup to work while mom shovels!

  10. Snow in California before Canada too! Thanks for visiting Scattering!

    Susan...26 degrees ...but sunny!

    Kelly's already an expert at digging snow Trish!

  11. OHMYGOD. That top shot is amazing. Can't believe it's not B&W.

  12. I know Petrea!!! I didn't touch it!!! It was truly an Black and White day!!!

  13. I can't believe it!!! I read that there was lots of snow up by Twin Lakes when I looked at the Fall Color forecast and didn't believe it. Well, now I do. Oh, my. Hope it's just a fluke storm.

  14. Looks like we're warming up for an Indian summer...TheChief said we get an early snow in October to remind us all to put away our summer paraphernalia that get's buried in the first snow!!!