Monday, October 24, 2011

V-Day Review...

What could be better...

...than our Southern Belle Virginia 
taking a bite of a delectable Violet Macaron in Pasadena???

Fun visit Miss V!!!


  1. All that and an afternoon of chit chat and laughter!!!

  2. Europane? I was just there yesterday.

  3. There's a new place at 14 S. Fair Oaks, Margaret, called Lette. Lette has more variety of flavors but I like the ones at Euro Pane better.

    I wonder what Virginia's going to think of this photo. I've got a picture of the two of you, Kathy, taking pictures of macarons. Maybe that'll be tomorrow's post!

  4. Ms. V does get around and this is a fun photo - she learned that in Paris, by the way! ;-)

  5. Hey Margaret!!! Too bad we didn't meet up!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the pic Petrea!!!

    Yes she does Lowell!!! It was a fun day!!!

  6. It was pretty heavenly!!! I can still smell it. Oh lala. The chatter all day was the best as well. Thank you again for making the trip down to see me.
    Bon voyage,

  7. Judy - So CaliforniaOctober 24, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    Great shot Kathy - I think the rest of us were too busy taking bites of our own! A fun day - glad you were down to share with us. Have a great

  8. Tomorrow's post.

    Margaret, I wish we'd run into you. That would've been great.

    It was like being on vacation at home--walking around taking pictures, getting sore feet, eating too much...

    My WV is "pigoushy." Seems appropriate.

  9. I think I can taste the little bit of heaven from here! GREAT shot!

    wv: moofuun...uh, yeah.

  10. Thanks Judy!!

    You're was like vacation at home...even though it's not really home anymore for us, it was for many years!!! WV seems quite appropriate!!!

    Moofun...a bit like pigoushy Trish!!! I think WV is on a roll!!!

  11. Oh, V looks exactly as I imagined she'd look while eating a macaron! What a fabulous shot, Chieftess ~ I'm so glad you ladies were all able to meet up with each other. I'll bet it was a hoot.

  12. Great fun to meet you Chieftess! Nothing like a day of food and chatting, especially when macarons are involved. Perfect shot of Virginia -- I think she's transporting herself back to Paris!

  13. Thanks Shell!!! And ya know...I think it was at least two hoots!!! Fun day!!!

    Loved meeting you too Katie!!! If you're ever in Mammoth or Yosemite...give me a holler!!!

  14. Delectable is the perfect word. It's written all over V's face. Yum!