Monday, October 3, 2011

Where's that darned pot of gold???

Can you see the end of the rainbow???

Just the other day I was driving back to Mammoth from Rock Creek Lake
and it started raining...
I was driving towards the rainbow, when all of a sudden, the rainbow
was on the road in front of me and I was right there...
literally on top of the end of the rainbow!!!

I looked all around me but I couldn't see a pot of gold...
but I did hear faint you suppose???


  1. I don't see the pot 'o gold, but when you find it would you please let me know?!

  2. LOL - the pot of gold is that glorious picture!

  3. You sure don't sit still up there, do you.

  4. @AH---if she sat still she'd freeze to death! 52F in my neck of the woods this am, the little bot in the corner says 42F in Mammoth.

    Kath---I'd chastise those little Irish short stuffs..but my genealogy suggests I have a wee bit of 'em in my history...:-O Keep looking, maybe one of them will trip and drop the pot someday!

  5. It's a deal Kate!!!

    Thank you LadyFi!!!

    Hard to sit still up here Hiker...with all this beauty around us and all!!!

    Lows today Trish...35F !!! I'll keep looking out for those darned little people...they've got my pot o' gold!!!

    Thanks Jeannelle!!!

    When I took this one it was woefully overexposed...a spur of the moment grab the camera and shoot regardless of settings...when I saw it I didn't think I'd be able to get an image at all...gotta love Lightroom!!!

  6. Did you grab it and run? :)
    WOW! Superb capture. I don't think I've ever been at the end of a natural big rainbow.

  7. I wish Tash!!! I've never been at the end of a rainbow either...I actually never thought it was possible!!! I was stunned when I realized I was driving on a rainbow!!!