Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Black Swan...

The swan, like the soul of the poet,
By the dull world is ill understood."

Are you familiar with the "black swan theory"... doesn't have anything to do with the color of this swan...
It has to do with surprise events...

A black swan event is...
an event that is a surprise,
the event has a major impact,
and after it is first noticed, hindsight is used to
rationalize and assume that it could have been expected...

My black swan event while in Kauaii...

We saw this beautiful black beauty in
Poipou...south of the airport,  in a pond outside of the Hyatt Regency.
It was almost completely dark out, but the water was reflecting
the light of the street lamps and I decided to take a chance...
Who knew there were black swans...
but if I'd thought about it...I would have known!!!

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The black swan theory was found in Wikepedia...


  1. Interesting theory and beautiful photo!

    1. Thanks Linda! Never knew about the theory until I was looking for something about the black swan...never found information about an actual black swan though!!!

  2. That is such a beautiful swan....I've never seen one quite this dark.

  3. Pretty. I had to do some research after seeing this photo. Guess I'll have the book on hold at the library soon...

  4. I love your black swan.

    1. thanks Hiker! I was pretty fascinated by him!!!