Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heading Home...

The last time TheChief and I were here in Sacramento, we had the opportunity for
an awesome private tour of the capitol with my cousin...who worked in the assembly for
many, many years!!! 
I had the opportunity then to go up to the very top in the cuppola...
but never made it past this vertigo kicked in and I just couldn't go up any further...
 But TheChief and my cousin-in-law climbed to the top and enjoyed a phenomenal view!!!

We're heading back to Mammoth today...hopefully with a bit of a break in the weather...
Hope you enjoyed coming along with us to Kauaii and here in Sacramento!!!


  1. love the angle you have taken here, this looks amazing.

  2. Beautiful place....looks like a wedding cake! ;<)

  3. Wedding cake -- how true. Boy, I haven't been to Sacramento for so long -- must make a point of it.

  4. Thanks Justine!!!

    I think you're right Bibi!!!

    Definitely a must see Hiker!!!

  5. Gorgeous place and bravo for the climb up. Sorry you're still getting snow at home. Come on down here to Bama and warm up!