Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Can Leave...Right???

"I'm stuck in Folsom Prison, 
And time keeps draggin' on,
But that train keeps a-rollin,'
On down to San Antone."
Johnny Cash

My cousin works in an art gallery in while TheChief
was in conference, I took off with the 'cuz and his darling wife to 
visit the gallery...and...well...we were there...and it was a dreary day and all...
so we headed on out to Folsom Prison...

Fortunately we were wearing appropriate attire...

And we're neither Crips nor Bloods, and weren't there to visit anybody who was...

We did visit the little museum on the outskirts of the area we non-visitors could visit...
It is actually a museum honoring the prison guards...with lot's of interesting 
pieces of old equipment and stories of visitors both famous and infamous...

Across the street was the post office...
there were actually a smattering of post boxes on the wall...
not sure whose they were...

It was beginning to rain a bit harder at this point and we 
decided it was time to leave...
and we thanked our lucky stars we were able to leave!!!


  1. I like your first photography in this post.

    Regards and best wishes

  2. Gosh, never knew you could visit a prison without knowing someone there. I love the song by J. Cash.

  3. I find the medieval look of these places fascinating. I'm sure there are strong arguments in favour of tearing all these old prisons down but as someone on the outside looking in I a fan.

  4. Thanks Hans! It was dreary day at a dreary place...absolutely called for black and white!

  5. It's classic Johnny Cash James!

    Thank you Tatjana!

  6. Actually Bibi...we never really went in...I don't think you can go in unless you're visiting, but I could be wrong...We walked around the perimeter that is accessible and went into the little museum on the edge of the property. I don't think I'd want to go in even if I's a bit daunting.

    I agree was quite an impressive structure....

    It's snowing!!!! Yay!!! But that means sometimes trouble with the if a few double posts show up or nothing for awhile...that's why!!!

  7. I like your first photo very much! Great in black and white!

  8. Any lonesome whistles blowing?
    Nice tower and gate--adds a lot of pizaz to the place. Scary stuff -- prisons. Your photos illustrate that well. The museum sounds very interestIng. Nice excursion. I do like your PO shot. I try to take one in every little town I visit. I can do a PO collage one ofntHese days.

  9. Ya know Tash...I think I did hear a whistle blowing!!! Interesting scary're absolutely right!

  10. The first photo is fabulous, but of course my favorite would be that sign about the Crips and the Bloods. I think I lead a sheltered life.


  11. Perfect in BW and I'm glad you got out!!!

  12. That is so interesting. I looked through all the dress code restrictions, and it appears that all you might be allowed to wear entering, is purple seersucker.

  13. What wonderfully picturesque shots!

  14. Glad to see you kept out of trouble.

  15. Great tour, and some fine photos!