Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy in Hawaii!!!

The real "H" in
ABC Wednesday

A happy couple enjoying Hawaii...
We first encountered this young couple at the main vista point for
Waiamea Canyon.
She was quite bubbly and talkative....
When we first saw them, they were engaged in conversation with a couple from Russia...
a couple of days later we ran into them on our way to the boat for 
our boat trip up the NaPaali coast.   


  1. Oh, would that it were me!! Beautiful moment.

  2. Not honeymooners. They were pastors, married I assume, from North Carolina and very friendly. When we first encountered them in Waiamea Canyon, they were in the process of inviting them to come visit them on the outer banks. We didn't get the same invitation. I wonder why.

  3. They were a cute couple...rather annoyingly bubbly!!!