Thursday, March 22, 2012

This afternoon I was in Bishop with a bit of time to kill and
a dog who needed a walk...
I drove out Line St. towards the White Mountains to see
if there was somewhere I wanted to walk with Kelly...
As I was driving along the foothills of the range, 
I noticed that about every 50 yards there was 
this structure...fence...??? 
A wood frame with cris crossed barbed wire...
no fence...
no wall...
just these every so often, apparently equidistant!

Perhaps my ranching blog friend Linda, might have a clue...
I sure don't!!!

Do check out Linda's blog...she and "bossman" are ranchers
in Alberta Canada...
her blog is fascinating, fun, and has great photography...
I'm a big fan!!!


  1. This is called a brace. The posts across the top are held in by the "brace-wires" and it stabilizes the fence. They are used a lot in hilly country and always on the corners. Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. But what are they for??? There's no fence in between...I can't figure out what the purpose is for....

    2. PS...thanks for stopping by Linda!!!

  2. «Louis» is clueless as to the purpose of the brace.

    M. Scélerat, éditeur, à «Louis»: You are clueless, generally.
    «Louis» à M. Scélerat, éditeur: Aw, shaddup!

  3. Tell Linda to come back and explain. That has my curiosity too.

    I'm FB friends with an organization called Friends of the Sand Wash Basin Mustangs. It's interesting to note that what often kills wild horses is the debris left behind by ranchers. Forgotten barbed wire can get entangled around a horses hooves and legs. The group recently went out and euthanized the lead mustang because of it.

  4. Me too Louis!!!

    I emailed Linda to further the inquiry...she indicated that it is usually attached to a fence...but that she's seen them like this as well...generally because the fence was no longer needed...I didn't look, but perhaps these are rooted in cement which is why they're still standing. They rimmed the road so it definitely looked like there should be a fence!!!

    PA...Sad to hear about the mustang...

  5. So no more fence, bit the brace still stands.

  6. Brace-s Margaret!!! They lined the road as far as I drove...

  7. You saw something I didn't see in Bishop! And now I've learned something.

  8. Haha!!! That's hard to do I'm sure!!! Thanks Bibi!