Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rainy Days...

The view from our room!!!  

We were in Kauaii from Saturday the 25th to Saturday the 3rd...
As soon as the plane door opened, it began to rain...
and it rained...
and it rained...
and it rained...
thunder and lightning all night long...
to the tune of at least 7 inches in a 24 hour period.

I just found out that the sister of a friend of ours lives on Kauaii...
she posted pictures today of the rain storms since we've been back here...
over 21 inches of rain since we left the island...

There's a reason the wettest spot in the world is in the middle of this island...

Fortunately for us, the majority of the week we were there was good...
cloudy, and some rain each day...but not like that first day...
and certainly not like it's been these past few days.


  1. Think of it this saw a Hawaii few see! I like rain, even when it's not supposed to.

  2. It was definitely gorgeous Cathy!!!

    Thanks Bibi!!! Rain or was a fun trip!!! And besides...I'd never been in a 24 hour thunder and lightening storm before!!!

  3. When I went to Hawai'i, all the locals told us "get used to it, it rains every day, we just go thru it and keep going". And it did. Not as much as you were bestowed, but it did rain a bit every day.

    I've also got two cousins on the Big Island who have told me rain is just a way of life. Like watching the sun rise each morning.

    I just hope some of that rain finds its way here to the mainland, we could use it!

    Glad you had a good visit!

  4. That's the kind of rain I was expecting Trish...instead it was absolutely torrential that first day and apparently, ever since we left!!! But then Mount Waialeale is one of the rainiest spots on earth and averages 452 inches of rain since I guess there's a fair amount of extra rain on Kauaii!!! Which is undoubtedly why it's also the garden island of Hawaii!!!

  5. I guess the rain there lately is devastating Maybe you got off easy.

  6. We definitely did...our friend's sister posted photos today of the area where we were staying...flooding all around the whole area where we were...covering lawns...looked like close to a foot in some relatively flat areas...

  7. I'm thinking an old work buddy MUST be visiting! She was there when Iniki hit, she went on vacation during most of the major hurricanes in the south. She must be visiting Hawai'i!! We learned NEVER to vacation with them!

    Have emailed one of my cousins to see how they are doing. Then again, they are so used to weathering stuff, when the tsunami was aiming at them about this time last year, the whole family was freaking out, she checked in a few days later with "yeah, oh, that, no worries here!". ;-O

    Just glad you had a decent time!

  8. We had a tropical depression on our only visit to Kauai many years ago - that's just one short of a hurricane. The sea around us was brown from all the washed-out soil, and we couldn't swim, or travel far from our hotel. At least it only lasted a few days. The Big Island has been desperate for rain, so I'm hoping some of the storm headed over there to give the west coast a good soaking.

  9. I am sure you found wonderful photos no matter the weather, n'est-ce pas? :)

  10. I know what you mean Bellis!!! There were warnings on the radio about the "brown water" was quite tumultuous this time, but even so, still quite beautiful and serene!!!

    It was more challenging this time than the last time we were there Virginia...but like you, I find photographic interest in a wide variety of subjects!!!

  11. lucky you despite the rain. When I was there I traveled alone. Only went to the beach once. Spent my time hiking the interiors. Wild orchids