Monday, June 11, 2012

A Bit of Macro Fussing...

This was an interesting adventure in macro shooting...
the center was so dark that when I started shooting they kept coming out like this...

 I fussed with the camera exposure, but it was tough because the center was 
soooo dark and the blossoms reflected quite a bit of light...

The very top shot is as is from the camera, underexposing...
these two were over exposed with a bit of fussing in Lightroom...

The flowers were exquisite...and I'm afraid I just didn't do them justice!

But...this bud came out perfectly!!!  Not so much light reflection here!!!

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  1. I love poppies but have never seen this type - they're gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful flowers...great photography!

  3. A great post, - lovely photos!

  4. The poppies are so beautiful!
    I really like the two last pictures!

  5. Thanks Karen! I had never seen these either...the colors were absolutely vibrant!!!

    Thanks Jean!

    Thank you Shirley!

    Thanks Hans HB!!!

    To me, the second to last photo looked almost as if the poppies were made out of a fine paper...and it was almost impossible to get the pistles and stamens to show up without washing out the petals!!! Thanks Cecilia Artisita!!!

  6. If it were easy everyone would do it Kathy. :-)

  7. Such gorgeous shots! That last bud looks like a ladybird with petals.

  8. One of my favourites. I have been know to "dodge" the area that is too dark in Aperture;)

  9. I hear you Wayne!!! It's definitely fun learning...

    Thanks LadyFi!!! I think you're right about the ladybug...I'm assuming ladybird is the same as lady bug...just the Brit/Swedish version!!!

    Thank you Linneas!!!

    I use Photo Elements and Lightroom and haven't mastered that type of fiddling...that may have to be my new project!!! Thanks Linda!

  10. These are spectacular. The colors are so rich. Very well done.

  11. All are beautiful, but definitely the pod is the true winner.

  12. Such an enjoyable style, and it seems to me you've figured it out. Bravo - Thanks for sharing!

  13. Amazing poppies! I love the shot of the bud.