Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Don't Vroom Past This Little Gem...

Old School House Museum, Lee Vining, California

On your next VISIT to Lee VINING, check for a VACANCY at
the Lee VINING Motel, then head across the street to VISIT the
Old School House Museum.  It's a great VALUE for your VACATIONING
dollar.  It's a great VANTAGE point to see the west side of Mono Lake.
There's a VARIETY of fascinating artifacts in the little building where a
school marm VIRTUOUSLY taught lot's of VEXING children their VOWELS
and other VITAL things.

So get on up here and VISIT the charming town of Lee VINING!!!

VROOM on over to ABC Wednesday for more "V" interpretations!!!


  1. I didn't get there on our trip, maybe next time.

  2. VASTLY interesting! Will have to check it out on our next VISIT.

  3. We'd love to show you the Eastern Sierras next time you're out here Justine!!!

    Thanks Adele!!! Just give us a shout out when you VISIT!!!

  4. It's adorable. I want my house to look like that.

  5. Isn't it sweet Margaret? The white paint with red trim makes it bright and welcoming!!!