Thursday, June 21, 2012

My first time...

...being a docent at Mono Lake!!!

Today was my first day as an official Mono Lake Volunteer...

I answered questions, chatted with the tourists, took photos...

...and swatted flies!!!

Yep, those brown things in the water are swarms of alkali flies!
They ring the lake, provide food for the gulls, eat algae from the lake, eat brine shrimp,
and annoy the heck out of me!!!  

How would you describe the word alkali to a foreign tourist???


  1. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  2. I'd try with "not acid" and "not ordinary drinking water" and "lots of minerals" and throw in some hand gestures or line drawing.

  3. Oh my. I'm not a fan of flying things, but these guys seem to have an important job. What a lovely place to volunteer (flies not withstanding). I was a tour guide when I lived in RI, taking visitors through the historic districts of Providence. Isn't meeting people from far and near wonderful. And sharing what is special about your place is very fulfilling.

  4. Obrigado Fernando!!! Que bom que voce veio visitar e comentar!!!

    Like minds Jean!!! Although I'm not sure he understood acid! I didn't think of lot's of minerals though...

    I agree BaysideLIfe!!! And yes...they definitely have an important job...and they pretty much stay to the edge of the water!!! It's a wonderful spot and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the people, and the peace and quiet in between!!!

  5. Would love to have you show me around there--maybe next trip!

  6. I would say that these are an essential part of the cycle of nature... congratulations on your first day!!


  7. Thanks Genie!!! And you're right!!! Certainly in the life cycle of the California Gulls and Mono Lake!!!

  8. I like Jean's idea of lots of minerals. I bet you are a great docent.

  9. Congrats!! How far is it from Mammoth?

  10. If they understand what minerals are, Margaret!!!

    Thanks Bellis...about 40 minutes north of Mammoth on the 395...