Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's in a Name???

No...we're not on Route 66...
Highway 395 in Lee Vining... might be wondering how Lee Vining got it's name...

Lee Roy Vining was a miner who founded the town in 
1852 as a mining camp.

Now, I have it on good authority...
(being Norm, the 89 year old curator of the School House museum
and life long resident of Lee Vining)
Lee Roy was killed when he accidentally shot himself in the groin while in Aurora, Nevada.
(Which apparently is the true story of many others...)

The town was originally named Lakeview in 1926 by Chris Mattly who apparently was 
the one responsible for creating the original layout of the town.
But when they applied for a US Post Office, they found out that there was already a 
Lakeview, California and so they had to come up with a new name.

The light bulbs came on and they applied for Lee Roy Vining...
but that was too long, so they shortened it to Lee Vining!


  1. That's a fun story, and an interesting photo.

    I've corrected your Linky entry, so you may get more visits now ;)

  2. This photo has a really cool 40-ish feel to it, and I love the sign.

  3. Thanks Rog!

    When I took the photo Hiker, I knew I was going to play with it in B&W! The building used to be an old gas station...most likely from the 30's and 40's!

    Thanks Jean! That was my goal!!!

  4. I've passed by this town and motel several times, but never knew how the town got its name. Now I do!

  5. Interestin reading, - great photos!

  6. Not many know the story Bibi!!!

    Thanks Hans HB!!!

  7. I love that story. Talk about a bad way to go, but at least he has a town named after him.

  8. If that happened to me I probably wouldn't get a town named after me. But I hope someone would post a cool photo.

  9. Yeah, Margaret...I have a feeling that in those days it was a bit harder to get medical attention after a bar brawl!!!

    I'd post a photo for you Petrea!!!

  10. Love it. I"ll bet somewhere, there was a sign advertising that they had T.V. and air conditioning too! :)

  11. As a matter of fact...I think you're right Virginia!!!

  12. We have only a few of this era left but my favorite is the Bama motel - hah!

    This is a great story to go with your b/w.


  13. HeeHee!!! The Bama motel conjures up a whole different image!!!

    Thanks Genie!!!

  14. Neat story!
    These small highways have a charm about them which this motel shows--old, a little worn around the edges, and very attractive!

    Thanks for the visit!

  15. Like a place lost in time . Nice shot!

  16. Thanks Dimple!!! That about sums up the whole of Lee's a bit old, a bit rough around the edges, and charming as all get out!!!

    Thanks James!