Thursday, June 7, 2012


Need a bite near Lee Vining???

Mono Cone makes a great burger...
and an even better soft serve ice cream cone!!!

But beware if you're a smoker...

...they have no tolerance when it comes to smoking!!!


  1. Ha! Can't imagine wanting to smoke in such a pristine place.

    Wait--yes I can. I used to be a smoker.

    Bless the smokers, it's an addiction and it's the hardest thing to kick. I used to welcome signs like these (and higher taxes and higher prices on cigarettes) because I needed all the help I could get to keep from smoking.

  2. As a non smoker suffering from pulmonary fibrosis I agree, they should be tough. Second hand smoke is injuring more people then smoking ever did.

  3. Such a great sign!

  4. True enough Petrea!!! My mom smoked from the time she was 14 until she died at 4 months short of her 90th birthday. My dad gave it up, but my mom kept on smoking...she quit once...when she was sister and I were visiting her at her assisted living home and she told me she had given up smoking...she said it was the hardest thing she'd ever done. She thought about it constantly. I asked her when she had quit...her response: "This morning!" Now, I was the daughter who refused to empty ashtrays etc, etc...I told my mom..."Mother...if you really want to smoke...go this point in your life, the damage has already been done and if it gives you pleasure, go ahead...we went out to the porch and she had her smoke...

    I understand your concerns Rita. Having grown up with two smokers in my home, I've developed some issues with allergies and endurance as I've gotten older that I attribute to living with smokers.

    Thanks LadyFi!!!

  5. Do you know the cigarette tax passed the other day? Smokers hate it, but the more expensive cigarettes are the harder it will be for kids to buy them. Your mom started at 14. I started at 15. You start when you think you're invincible, and then they've got you.

  6. Fifteen! Petrea, what is up with that?

    On another note, I am strangely obsessed with soft serve.

  7. I didn't know that it passed...I never even once thought of parents smoked enough to make me gag at the thought of it...that and the smell in my clothes...

    You'd love Mono Cone Margaret!!!

  8. Rebellion, I suppose. I had to find a way.

  9. Dang, now i'm craving a soft serve cone in the worst way!!!

  10. I waited 'til after college to rebel Petrea...something about my first choices in husbands...'d love one of these cones V!!! And their milk shakes are fabulous too!!! I think if it's hot, and you're tired from running around town and the lake shooting pics, the calories don't count!!!