Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Little Corner of the World...

What a difference a year can make...

...last year on May 29...

...this year on May 30...

I tried to find photos of the same spot at approximately the same time of year, 
but no dice...

So this is the deck of our rental house last year on Memorial Day, 
and Panum Crater one year and one day later!!!

Last year they were skiing until July 4th...
...this year "the Mountain" closed for skiing on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend!!!


  1. Wowee! What a difference. Wouldn't that be a fun thing to do? Pick a day at some point, and try to recreate a picture from one year prior. Clearly, these dates would not work for you!

  2. The weather has been capricious all over the world, it seems. Love both shots.

  3. That difference can be common here also!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Interesting and beautiful!

    Visiting for Our World Tuesday- hope you can stop by:)

  5. yep, not much snow this year at all. It's gonna be a hot summer!

  6. Thanks Adele!!! Actually, Petrea did that in Hahamonga, only she did the same day every was really interesting. I've thought about doing that and wish I had last year just because of the extreme difference!

    I think you're right Kate and Gary!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Leah!

    After last summer Laurel, I welcome a hot summer!!! Although hot up here is relative...when your internal temperature gauge begins to register 36 deg F as cool the 70's become hot!!!

  7. You should take a picture from the back porch on the first of the month for the next year. You'll see all of the seasons.

  8. I know DB!!! That would show it all!!!