Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Little Corner of the World... is's official...I'm a Mono Lake Volunteer!!!
Our last training included our graduation ceremony...
complete with Pomp and Circumstance!!!  
Yep...we walked to Pomp and Circumstance, got "vested" by the state ranger
and "papered" by the forest ranger!!!  
A champagne toast, a few pics (the only day I didn't take my camera) and lot's of 
good food to nibble on...
....and a private screening of the 1952, Fred McMurray classic
Fair Wind to Java
(the first 10 minutes were filmed in Mono Lake!)


  1. What a beautiful pic, It sounds like a
    fine ending of the course...Pomp and Circumstance, champagne..toast and music..

  2. Congrat, dear Chieftess! So there is at least ONE reason to get there, beautiful scenery.
    Greetings from Austria

  3. Congratulations on your graduation!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Did you really? Your docent graduation was miles better than mine. We had a lunch and each of us had to donate $10 for our tuna fish sandwich.

  5. Mono Lake is so lucky to have you!

  6. I like the composition of this photo. The low clouds in the sky add a bit of compression to all the verticals

  7. Congratulations!

    «Louis» never knew that the first 10 minutes of that movie had been filmed at Mono.