Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is it snowing where you are???

"Is it snowing where you are?  All the world that I see from my tower is draped in white
and the flakes are coming down as big pop-corns.
It's late afternoon-the sun is just setting (a cold yellow colour)
behind some colder violet hills, 
and I am up in my window seat using the last light to write to you."
Jean Webster

 If Kelly could write...that's what she'd write!!!
The top shot is at June Lake...we walked a bit as I took lot's of photos
...they'll be posted down the road...

But Kelly wasn't ready to go when I opened the hatch for her...
she laid down in the snow...refusing to move until I put the leash on her! didn't get a shot of that :( ...

So I promised her we'd go to the "dog park" 
and she could play...

Kelly's nuts for the snow!!!

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  1. I have been to a snowy place a couple of times but have never seen snow falling.... Kelly seems right at home.

  2. How funny! My horses LOVE the snow...well, they'll be happy over the next 2 days when a storm comes moving through the mountains! They go out and run in it!

  3. Awww - Oscar's snow mate. She is simply gorgeous!

  4. No snow here - quite unseasonably warm for January ..... may hit 70 on Saturday (unheard of)

  5. We have snow and it is snowing all around us but just not here.........yet!

  6. It snowed a bit last night, but I missed it Karen!!! It's really incredible to watch it fall...if it's a gentle snow fall, it gets really quiet and the flakes are soft and matter how big they are!!!

    She does Brian!!! Thanks!

    How fun trav4adventures! We have a couple of stables up here but they take the horses down to 4000 elevation during the winter...we probably get too much snow up here to accomodate them!!!

    Absolutely LadyFi!!! I know Oscar and Kelly would love each other!!!

    We just missed a cold front that was going to drop our temps to 1 degree Farenheit tonight!!! Apparently the front swung north before reaching us...whew!!! I'd rather have unseasonable 70 deg weather!!!

    It will!!! Thanks Linda!!!

  7. It's snowing right now...Blue skies, a few puffy clouds and it's snowing!!!
    Oh well...yes...there's a very slight breeze...but it sure looks like it's snow from Heaven!!!

  8. Those photos look so sweet and I am loving that snow too. Looks like Coventry might get a light dusting on Saturday... whoopee!

  9. I have to admit...I much prefer snow to rain LOL!!! And Mammoth is the best place to live if you live in right now...crystal clear blue skies and fresh white all over...gorgeous!!! I need to head out and take some photos again!!! (They're saying snow showers all day...but I don't see any clouds and who listens to meterologists anyway???)

  10. I'd like to be rolling in the snow with Kelly.

    Not snowing here but I wish it was. I think it's supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow. :-(

  11. Kelly is demonstrating our dog Chord's Snow Happy Moves. We had snow here in Washington today; so far, nothing's stuck but the forecast is holding for snow, so the ground may be white yet. We've had enough rain that snow is an appealing alternative but this former California gal doesn't do snow driving. . .

  12. Thanks Sonia!!!

    I'm thinking I'd prefer the 70's's supposed to get down to 2 degrees tonight!!!

    Hi Kay! It sounds like Kelly and Chord are of like mind!!!
    We've got a lot more than a dusting of snow here!!! The Mountain (we're in a ski resort) has about a 10' base... in town, we're considerably less...but it sure is piling up!!! Our back yard snow is getting deeper and deeper!!!

  13. That's one sweet puppy you've got there.

  14. You don't know the half of it OaklandDP!!! She's one of the sweetest pups ever!!! She's a lover...with hugs and kisses...for just about anyone she takes a liking to!!!

  15. Chieftess, I respectfully disagree. If Kelly could write, she'd write "gradnf grbgl rrrrrblgeragh!" And she'd mean it from the bottom of her heart.

  16. Thank goodness you haven't become one of those people who dresses up her dog. Kelly would be horrified!

  17. I stand corrected Petrea!!! I definitely think that's what Kelly would have written!!!

    Oh my gosh no Susan!!! She'd be mortified!!! Besides...with a fur coat like hers...she doesn't need any added protection!!!

  18. Ah - Happy girl! She seems to have no worries about the snow. Only joy!

  19. Friday and Saturday even Kelly has been hesitant to be outside for long!!! It's been soooooo cold!!!

  20. to answer your questions header - no. Only once - sometime in the late 40's