Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just One More Newport Shot!

"I arise in the morning torn between desire to improve the world
and a desire to enjoy the world.  
This makes it hard to plan the day."
Elwyn Brooks White

I might just choose sittin' on this dock of the bay...

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  1. What an inviting little dock to walk out and just sit and look at Mother Nature's gifts. That little gate is so precious....just the right size. Happy New Year and our first Weekend in Black and White for 2013. genie

  2. Thanks Kerri!!! That's the reason I chose this one!!! I really like the DOF too!!!

    Thanks Genie!!! It was really neat to go out on the dock and hear the seals on the other docks!!! (Seals are the scourge of the bay...they even sink boats! But they sound wonderful!)

  3. Hey, thanks for all your recent comments on St. Louis daily Photo. Flattery will get you everywhere.

    Have you been in Newport RI or are these pictures in your area? Been to the former but never Monmouth Lake so I can't tell. Love that icicle photo - looks like frozen lace.

  4. Thanks Bob! No...this is Newport Beach California...or rather Balboa Bay...a part of Newport. We actually live in Mammoth in the Eastern Sierras which is in Northern California just a few hours south of Reno Nevada. We were "down south" for the holidays and I took a couple of photos of the Bay!

  5. Oh, how do you do it?? Often, a gate is just a gate. But your gate?? It's a piece of art!

  6. Lovely! That gate could lead to untold adventures...

  7. Ohhhh...thank you Adele...*blush*

    That's exactly what I was thinking when I picked this one to post Dragonstar!!!

  8. Nice photo! I see you were in my neighborhood...