Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Saga of June Lake

June Mountain is about 15 minutes north of Mammoth Lakes on 395.
The ski resort of June Lake is actually owned by Mammoth Mountain Ski Area (MMSA).
This ski season,  Mammoth Mountain closed the ski resort in June Lake for various reasons...
according to "sources", June Lake ski resort had been losing money ever since it 
was purchased by MMSA...the resort needed major repairs and is not self sustaining.  
After the economy downturn and last year's poor snow season, MMSA 
had very little choice regarding June.
Of course this has stirred quite the controversy in Mono County, especially 
in Mammoth and June Lakes...

According to a June Lake resident, the US Forestry has given MMSA 
3 choices for next year....
- re-open
- sell        
- let the ski resort go back to nature

Anyone in the market for a ski resort???

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  1. am sure the land lease was that they would put it to use, not let it lay fallow.

    For a buck I'd buy it, but like owning baseball teams, you don't own it to make a ton of money, you own it to ski (or play baseball or...).

  2. Great in monochrome!

  3. That's too bad -- looks beautiful. Hopefully, an investor will realize the potential and purchase it.

  4. Beautiful black and white! Nice leading lines, too!

  5. Well it isn't exactly on my shopping list. But I tell you - your photo would help to get someone interested!

  6. I'm not too sure, but I don't think a buck'll do it Trish!!!

    Thanks Robert and AmitAag!!!

    I think it's more likely that Mammoth will figure out a way to reopen it...unfortunately, part of the problem is that June Mountain has been losing money ever since Dave McCoy originally bought it. The town needs to invest in more resort type lodging for the skiers, but the townspeople are more of a "no-growth" mentality...

    Thanks Brian!!!

    Thanks LOL!!! Maybe you should think about adding it to your list! It's a lot closer to Pasadena than Coventry!!!

  7. hee hee...
    «Louis», with an upcoming ankle replacement and an ever-empty wallet, does not consider himself to be a candidate to purchase the ski facility... Besides, what a sight it would be to see une vache on skis!

  8. Wow. I find this all surprising. I wonder how this will all turn out.

  9. I'd say let it go back to nature, but I understand the needs of economy. The way you describe it though, the locals don't want the money it brings in.

  10. That first shot is so lovely!

    I guess nature will be grateful if it is allowed to go back to her...

  11. Too bad << Louis >>!!! Guess you're not in the market for a ski resort!!!

    It's sad Margaret...June Lake is a charming little community...and is definitely hurting from the closure of the Ski area this season...

    I know what you mean Petrea...but it's a lovely little ski area and the local economy does depend on ski season in the winter...the locals just don't want to grow the community...which unfortunately is needed in order to sustain the ski resort...

    Thanks LadyFi!!! I think nature is always happy to reclaim that which we humans have tired of!!!

  12. I can´t ski... but what a pity to close down. :(

  13. Great composition. It looks a beautiful place.

  14. It's such a thrill when the chair first scoops you up. Like mounting a horse -- you've presented yourself with an irrevocable physical challenge. What a loss should this place close.

  15. Hopefully they'll decide to re-open next year, Nature Footstep!

    Thanks Dragonstar! It is actually quite gorgeous!!!
    One of the mountains, behind Double Eagle Spa Resort looks a lot like the Eiger in Switzerland!!!'re a skier too, Hiker!!! You've captured what it feels like getting on some of those chairlifts!!! Exhilarating to say the least!!!

  16. Must be the half empty segment of your blog base. That chair lift scoop brought on terror for me. Especially the panic to get off. Mis-timed it and did a 6 foot landing. I did eventually master Jack and Jill. Being the last picked for team sports that was a really big deal for me. Now to go back and read the post.

  17. oh! June Lake - I didn't even know they had skiing.

  18. A 6 foot header off a chair lift??? OUCH!!! You wouldn't like this's a doozy PA!!! Glad you made it to Jack and Jill finally!!!

    I've not skied June but I've heard it's quite lovely...

  19. Great B&W photo! Personally, I hope they let it go back to nature.