Thursday, January 17, 2013

Look Who I Met on the Side of the Road...

"Coyotes move within a landscape of attentiveness.  
I have seen their eyes in the creosote bushes and among mesquite trees.  
They have watched me.  And all the times that I saw no eyes, 
that I kept walking and never knew, there were still coyotes.
When I have seen them trot away, when I have stepped from the floorboard of my truck, 
leaned on the door, and watched them as they watched me over their shoulders,
I have been aware for that moment of how much more there is.
Of how I have only seen only an instant of a broad and rich life."
Craig Childs, The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild

They look so different up here in the cold and snow...
not as skinny as the ones down south...
fortunately...this guy was on the side of the road in June Lake...
I have an aversion to them anywhere near our house and kitties!!!

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  1. I saw two of them up in our local mountains (no snow) last weekend. And, yes, they, too were nice, fat, and healthy!

  2. Wow -- awesome shots!

  3. Are you kiddin' me?! What an amazing encounter for you...and terrific captures. Awesome.

  4. It's healthy looking alright. Here they tend to be pretty scrawny.

  5. Nice encounter with the local wildlife. And two fine photos.

  6. This one wasn't fat trav4adventures...and definitely was more interested in scrounging for food than in my whereabouts...but despite the cold and the hungry look in his eyes, he definitely looked healthy!

    Thanks LadyFi!!!

    I know what you mean SRQ!!! I nearly skidded to a stop when I saw him...he didn't move a muscle...he kept his eye on me, but continued to scrounge!!!

    I can't say that Hiker...they're the scourge of kitties here and in Glendale!!!

    That's the norm in Glendale too Wayne!!!

    Thanks LOL!

    Thanks Stefan!!!

  7. I have never seen a coyote in person so I studied your fantastic photos hard and long. Good for you for stopping to see and photograph!

    The quotation is lovely too.

  8. Thanks Dina!!! I'm surprised you've never seen a coyote in person!!! We had them when we lived down in Southern California too! They're much better looking up here with all their winter fur!!!

  9. they are prettier up north. much fuller. Dianne has something called a Jackel. I think they're similar

  10. I agree PA! Definitely much handsomer animals up here than down south!!! As for the jackal...I think they're loosely related, and I think smaller...

  11. I was thinking the same thing as PA. Not a South Pas coyote at all.

  12. Absolutely awesome!!! This is such an amazing post!

  13. Nor a Glendale one either Margaret!!!

    Thanks Misty DawnS!!! It was amazing pulling up next to him and not having him run off!!!